Mar 29, 2010

Leaning towards Spring~

Hello and welcome to Beauty Flows. 
I have another blog Spirithelpers, I share my nature photography and prose there. I found myself wanting a place to share other arts as they rise in my life. I seem to flit from one art to another, recently I have picked up needle and thread for the first time in years! 

Here is my first piece. I was thinking it will be a bracelet. I won't really know until it is completed.

In honor of Spring~

I look forward to getting to know you through your blogs and what you share. 
Thank you for your visit(s)!

embroidery: 6"x1"


  1. Tammie! What a perfectly beautiful work of art you've created! I'll look forward to seeing its progression and whether or not it continues its life as a bracelet. Congratulations on branching out into another aspect of your lovely creative life ~!~ Brava!

  2. Shayna,
    Thank you for your lovely and supportive comment and for being the first one to visit me here.

    I feel excited to have a place that is not connected to my wonderful business to share in.
    with warmth,

  3. Tammie, your damp stretching is so much prettier than mine and your embroidery is exquisite. Your piece here reminds me of this work, have a look, I'm sure you will love it. I will mail you later about the other thing, good luck with this blog, I'm sure it's going to be good for you. Karen

  4. Oh, Tammie...your work is exquisite. I look forward to seeing your wonderful work in its various forms.... it is obvious from what is here you interprete as well as 'see'.

  5. Hello Karen,

    Thank you for visiting my new blog. It is in following your lovely embroidery that I was inspired to pick up needle and thread again. I was so happy with the damp stretching results! Thank you for this technique!
    I enjoyed looking at Emma Cassi's art, so lovely with a feeling of spring.

  6. Hello Joei,
    It is first thing in the morning for me and you have made me smile, thank you.

  7. Your embroidery is wonderful. I wouldn't know what to call half of those stitches, never mind do them. Very beautiful xxJ

  8. Jasmine,
    Thank you for visiting my first post and your supportive note!

  9. Hi Tammie,
    Good luck with the new blog, although I see you have a following already! Your bracelet-or-whatever is absolutely gorgeous and I'm so looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful artwork in all its different guises.
    Janice. x

  10. Lovely little blooms, a bit like what you would see in a tidepool.

  11. Oh I love this! It is your first post. Congratulations. I hope you have a great time. Ah look at the embroidery. Beautiful!

    May blogging open new doors that will give you a lot of joy and happiness!

  12. Tammie - these are beautiful! What patience you must have, not to mention eyesight! Looking forward to seeing more!! xoxo

  13. Oh geez. I had to pick myself up off the floor! This is....STUNNING, for lack of a better word. OMG! This is incredibly beautiful needlework. I love embroidering, but I only dabble. You put anything I've ever done to deep, deep shame. WOW!

  14. Delphyne,
    my eyesight is that of the 52 year old that I am, glasses for close up work is needed! I have been drawing lately... so we will see when the next needle art happens.

  15. Bella, lovely bella,
    You make me smile and giggle again, thank you. I would love to see what you call dabble, me thinks it can only be lovely~

  16. Hello Tammie, What a lovely start to your new blog. Sometimes it feels so good to return to a craft, like meeting an old friend again. Your embroidery is so pretty and love the header. I have always collected old embroidered pieces.
    I will look forward to seeing your drawings and paintings too.

  17. So very lovely, Tammie. I always enjoy needlework with its wonderful contrast between the embroidery threads and woven cloth, and this reminds me of one of your wonderful illustrations, delicately rendered in silken floss: just gorgeous work!

    Thanks for the invitation -- looking forward to stopping by often.

  18. Milly,
    Thank you for stopping by my first post. Fun that you mentioned the header. I feel that the light is too bright, yet still used it. The photo shows how to stretch the fabric without ironing it. I will tell how I learned about this in some later post.


    Thank you for taking a peak and enjoying. I agree, something about the texture and relationship draws me in too.

  19. What beautiful work! I used to embroider quite a bit--in fact a dear old friend left me a giant book of embroidery and I'm itching to get back into it.

    This is just lovely.

  20. Tammie,
    This is wonderful and delicate work...
    Wow, such detail. You must have a lot of patients!;)
    I find jewellery beading fiddly enough.
    Thank you for your special messages.
    Keep on dancing in the sun and having fun, dear friend!;)

    Best wishes.
    Jo. x;)

  21. Hi Beth,
    I would love to see when you begin to embroider! With your charming art I am sure you will work magic with a needle and thread!

  22. Hello Jo.x~
    Thank you for visiting my first post! I also find beading fiddly these days. I did beadwork with tiny beads for 25 years, that was my business when my son was growing up. Now my eyes don't see like they use to and that makes it fiddly for me. Wishing you all a grand weekend!

  23. ~oh dear little lady...this is exquisite...amazing one you truly are...i am delighted to have come over here and can hardly wait to see what else you create...much l♥ve inspiration and blessings to you~

  24. wow miz t !! your continual creative spirit truly flows
    with beauty and grace! this detailed embroidery piece is so lovely!! what a beautiful wrist-cuff it may be!!
    love your new blog!!
    xoxo abigail

  25. Well, here you are!!...I'm so excited!!...You know I'm already a fan and this feels like a way to get a peek at another side of get to know you the embroidery...It's interesting to me that many, many women are picking up hand come the woman's spiritual circle...It's a sign of the times..we need to gather..hug, hug

  26. Anonymous4/20/2010

    I am SO glad you sent me the link to your new blog! What beauty you are creating here, and so special to be able to see it and feel as though you are sharing it with me personally. I love this first piece, it is true beauty, and captures the essence of spring! I look forward to seeing all the creations you share on here.


Lovely of you to drop by! I love hearing from you~