Apr 2, 2020

Blue Spirulina

I found this little sketch and thought wow, was I predicting the future?
at home
in her boat

recently I spilled a little blue spirulina powder
such a gorgeous color. 
I wondered if I could paint with it, added water and it is the deep blue color in this painting. 
Pretty color, but not one I consider using often.
fun to play with making paint. 

Here is the spiralina paint in the paint palette. 

Spirulina is a algae that is high in many nutrients.

alone with nature


  1. Beautiful, it doesn't feel that lonely and
    I think it is connected to nature!
    Great this play of colors with the algae color ...
    Was it a premonition, often people feel it like you.
    Take care and stay healthy!
    Greetings Elke

    1. Yes, it might have been a premonition, as I did this sketch the end of last year.
      But as I look at much of my art, there is one person and nature.
      I just could not throw the spilled bit out!

  2. I think we are all alone at sea these days. It's lovely. And timely.

  3. It's a lovely piece Tammie. I often try to repair spills and such.


  4. So wonderful.
    Blue is my favorite color.
    We have a boat ourselves, so the artwork really appeals to me.

    Stay healthy Tammy and a greeting,

  5. It's so very pretty and very apt indeed!


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