Nov 9, 2015

Doe a Deer, Announcing DC

doe a deer

Announcing DC for weekend of November 14-15

not to be confused with dear
unless it is a 
dear deer

just one example of how confusing the English language can be!


something new:

please let me know in comment below that you would like 
to post something for 

BUT, the new part:
come to my blog after your post is on your blog
there will be a way for you to link your post through a 
"linky" thing
(i think it will make sense when you see it)

that way people know your post is up and ready to visit
does that make sense?

if not ask me questions

wishing you fun
thinking of deer this week



  1. Oh hooray! Two wonderful things, Thing one: I was just collecting photos of deer to paint one for myself...a dear deer! So that's perfect timing and I'm so IN! And thing two: I just found a linky thing for my wordpress blog that I want to start using for our DCs, so happy you're planning on using one too. (Boy linky is so much easier of blogger than WP. What's that all about?)

  2. That is a very dear deer indeed.

  3. So gentle. I like her leafy necklace, every deer (dear) should have one.

  4. thxs for the invite, tammie. i'm incorporating deer into my next weekend's post. good thinking of you to link our posts up too, it'll be swell! till the weekend! n♥

  5. Dear Tammi, thank you for the invitation.
    A good theme, will be back at the week-end.
    ♥ Sabine

  6. Fantastic drawing, now I will be singing all day. Hugs, Valerie

  7. It is a very dear deer! I won't be joining, what with not being able to draw and all.... but I hope you have lots of people taking part.

    And I love your yogini on the beluga whale too. Now that does take focus! x

  8. Love this idea and I will try and join you!

  9. This sounds so much fun! I'd like to join!

  10. Hallo, Tammie: Dear Deer! Today this message came to me from my neighbour.... She is watching since severeal months a deer in her garden. The deer comes nearer and nearer. Her garden has a fence;she has a big garden, but the deer is hidden. She will feed him in the winter with hay, because the deer does not leave her...

    Hallo Dori,

    ich habe geglaubt, ich träume—stell Dir vor, gerade eben in der Dämmerung ist ein Reh über unseren
    Hof gelaufen.
    Anscheinend ist es immer noch da, obwohl ich es vor einigen Wochen schon mal bei uns gesehen habe.
    Das ist fast unglaublich!
    Wahrscheinlich muß ich es über den Winter hindurch füttern.
    Werde meinen Stall öffnen und Heu reinlegen, wenn es anfängt zu schneien.

  11. You see an iron-deer with some horses and cat and dog in my blog....

  12. I don't think I'll be participating but such a great deer drawing, she/he looks quite sweet.

    hope your day is wonderful and lovely.

  13. the "linky" thing sounds interesting!

  14. Hi Tammie, thanks for the invite.I'm a bit late, but you may count me in - eric


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