Nov 6, 2015

DC: liminal, Yogini and Beluga Whale

deeply immersed 
in her journey

in the liminal state

 earth woman 
begins her transformation
woman of waters deep

soon to be
a mermaid

'Liminal' is a wonderful theme Veronica, as we 
step back and forth 
between seasons...
thank you!

yesterday we had our first snow of the season:

today, a bit more autumn in the air,
we seem to be in a liminal state:

visit Veronica's this weekend to see how others have 
been inspired



  1. Beautiful! I love the litheness of the yogini in contrast with (and as part of) the solidly built beluga. Such talent...

  2. Such creative and I love the blue green sea you've painted! :)
    Fun to think of that we come from the sea in the beginning.
    So it might be mermaids come from the earth in the beginning.
    And there some place inbetween on our way we meet.. ;)

    So nice to see your place, lovely! And you have got some snow already!
    I haven't seen any snow here at my place yet..

  3. Oh that's a lovely fantasy. I'm going to go visit the belugas at the aquarium and ask about this mermaid thing. I can do

    Snow!!! I saw your beautiful photo on FB and thought, "what the hell, may as well give into it." That dusting looks ever so pretty. :D

  4. Really like your painting and the photos of the snow brrrr!

  5. those whales are lovely. love the blues and aqua hues.

    snow so soon? I guess it's not so soon at your side of the world. & the landscapes are beautiful with the snow.

    hope you have a lovely day.

  6. Love that imagery - beautiful Tammie. And the snow looks amazing! We have wind and rain, very soggy, muddy and boggy!

  7. What heavenly greetings from the sky! The snow: water-stars from heaven to earth.

    They have a dialogue with your painting...

  8. i find the weather to be really special, over at yours. i smile for i read about your whale, and the figure of whale is what i was thinking of as i was watching the starlings' migration patterns on v's blogpost... stepping over, into... ;))) n♥

  9. Tammie Ha, a beautiful drawing, in the sign of the water.
    Beautiful picture, s between autumn and winter, or an early snow.
    Here it was 19 degrees yesterday not fall but spring-like.
    With kind regards

    Ha Tammie, een mooie tekening, in het teken van het water.
    Mooie foto,s tussen herfst en winter, wel al vroeg sneeuw.
    Hier was het gisteren 19 graden geen herfst maar lente achtig.
    Lieve groet

  10. Wonderful the woman on her journey to become a mermaid - happily.
    Hope the snow will wait here.
    ♥ Sabine

  11. No snow here but the dream of your woman is great. Thank you. Lucia

  12. I enjoyed your lovely drawing of the liminal woman and her whale, and your photos of the liminal season change... both great interpretations of the theme! xox

  13. I love how nature and the animals always play such a big part in your drawings. Beautiful blending of all living things ...

  14. The woman looks so strong on the whale. Purple shade is great with the blue.
    Lovely photos of contrasting weather.

  15. Oh Tammie, what an amazing spiritual painting. The waves are beautiful and the whale is so kind.
    Great to see the snow in the wonder of the place where you live.


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