Sep 11, 2015

DC: Pocket

she had one pocket
in it sat a weary bird
which had journeyed across sea and land

tales from these far off lands
burst from its beak

 melodies the tree sprite had never heard

 being rooted in one spot
her pocket sheltered multitudes
brought her endless gifts

Thank you Veronica
for hosting this weeks DC
theme: pocket

visit her blog to see who else is sharing 
their pocket inspired post


  1. (Sorry, I am having problems with Blogger comments today!)
    I love your melodic tree sprite Tammie! Happy weekend to you .x

  2. Oh that's lovely Tammie. I wouldn't at all mind being rooted to one spot if I had exotic visitors singing to me too. :D

  3. such a fine drawing
    and a wonderful pocket
    with endless gifts....

    thank you for this sweet drawing
    it brightened up my gloomy day

  4. smiling, tammie... : )


  5. what a lovely idea!

  6. Your drawing made me smile. Love it! - eric

  7. Tammie, this is just wonderful! You have such a beautiful imagination.. Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. Ha Tammie, a dream of a drawing
    the journey of a bird as if from a fairy tale.
    wish you a nice week.
    Greetings Christiene.

    Ha Tammie,een droom van een tekening
    de reis van een vogel als uit een sprookje.
    wens je een mooie week.
    groetjes Christiene.

  9. Such a sweet and creative work, Tammie. You have a wonderful imagination!
    This beautiful girl must be happy with surrounding pretty songs. I like the theme pocket too.

  10. That painting goes so well with the beautiful poem, I love how you use your imagination to create these wonderful creatures....

  11. Wonderful, Tammie, really wonderful! She is so hospitably and welcoming to the guests from far away. What a great work you do here by saying a lot to those, who see all the levels of this drawing. But also the first simple level is so happymaking for children and people who desire that this world should be friendly.

  12. you tree-trunk reminds me of the wisteria i incidentally stood contemplating just yesterday, how twisting and turning those trees are. funny to find that image again here, even IF we're talking pockets! ;)))

    i also have a new drawing theme ready for you, if you like. you are very welcome, nadine♥

  13. Loose your tree sprite!!

  14. I can hear the birds song in your drawing. Wow. Thank you. Lucia

  15. love the idea of trees being alive and keeping souvenirs as we do, she is quite worldly and I'm thinking she really need never to travel at all, wonderful piece.

    have a lovely day.

  16. Such a lovely story and a lovely illustration. I'm glad the little bird found such a welcoming pocket to rest in.

  17. creative. I LOVE this! :-)


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