Jan 21, 2015

sketching with an ink pen
fun to create fungi characters

brought them to life with watercolors
was a joy
to create

for sale: here

twas an ice crystal morning:

I love it when ice crystals grow
clothing our woods and meadows in lacy ice



  1. Love your pen and watercolor!

  2. Hello Tammie! xx
    Oh, mushrooms! They look like very happy mushrooms to me. Love the colours to cheer us up this winter.
    I am feeling a bit fed up with the lack of snow here though, so it's lovely to see your ice crystals. They are amazing forms and look so delicate, like glass.
    I have been enjoying seeing your snow scenes around the cabin on facebook.
    Good to catch up with you and see what has been happening on blogger this cold January.
    Warmest wishes,

  3. Lily is right: They look like very happy mushrooms to me, too!

    And these amazing crystals! I think you don't only have good eyes, but also a good camera :)

  4. Tammie, I appreciate you as an amazing and authentic artist with a special mystic and natural aspect!

  5. Love the mushrooms. They have such a whimsical quality to them!

  6. Your mushrooms are gorgeous Tammie, an oh the ice crystal shot is sooooooo cool, I LOVE macro photos, a whole world of wonder in nature!!!

  7. HaTammie, beautiful art mushrooms. I also saw leprechaun hats and so on without colorful.
    The ice christal art pure nature !!
    tomorrow it snowed here
    the sun is shining and it is now almost gone,
    Greetings Christiene

    HaTammie, prachtige kunst paddestoelen. ik zag ook kabouter mutsjes zo bijzonder en kleurrijk.
    Ook de ijs christal kunst puur de natuur!!
    van morgen heeft het hier gesneeuwd
    de zon schijnt en nu is het al bijna weg,
    groetjes Christiene

  8. These mushrooms are magical, I think they are wearing lovely intensely coloured party dresses.
    And they are such a contrast to the ice and blue.

  9. C'est vrai que les cristaux constituent de véritables bijoux naturels .
    A ce titre, on peut les admirer, c'est vrai.


  10. The colors of your mushrooms are wonderful! The shapes of their caps make them look so festive. Awesomeness!


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