Nov 10, 2014

Wild Turkey

I have been seeing turkeys in the wild lately

in my woods
along roads
up in the trees

inked piece above
full painting below

my model, taken in the spring

last night we got snow!

even my ponds are frozen


  1. so sweetly whimsical! :-)

  2. I love the connection between the bird and the girl. The bird loks so wise and has beautiful colours ....

  3. Chère Tammie,
    Ta poésie m'enchante... ♥

  4. Looks like lots of happy things going on. Those clouds are so much fun to see!!!

    1. yes, happy art Tomoko. Thank you for your lovely visit.

  5. Ha Tammie, your model the wild turkey ....... nice picture
    Your drawing is beautiful beautiful colors, yoga balance ......
    with the beautiful turkey! so beautiful!
    Beautiful winter photo, s ...... it seems winter ........
    sweet greeting Christiene.

    Ha Tammie,je eigen model de wilde kalkoen.......mooie foto
    Je tekening is prachtig mooie kleuren, met yoga in balans......
    met de prachtige kalkoen! zo mooi!
    Mooie winterse foto,s......het lijkt wel winter........
    lieve groet Christiene.

  6. dear Christiene,
    thank you for your lovely message.
    yes it does seem like winter with zeroF this morning! every thing is frozen.
    wood stove is going, slippers are on and sun is shinning.

    wishing you a lovely week.


  7. Your turkey is amazing! Love the layered colors and the details that you put into the turkey. You gave it respect and grace! And I'm looking forward to our one or two days of snow that we get every year.

  8. Happy turkeys!! This drawing is a shelter for so many many poor turkeys in our country, who live in prison for slaughter. This riding princess is a good angel for turkeys. Dance, turkeys, dance!

  9. Egad, and so it begins. I got the first ground frost of the season last night and looked up to the mountains to see the snow making machines working their little mechanical hearts out spraying the ski slopes. Your wild turkey painting is lovely. I love the freedom of the dancing fairy on her back. Hope your week is off to a great start. x

  10. The colors on your turkey are vibrant and fantastic! I love it. And I love the fanciful grass too. I used to live next to a bird sanctuary, and we'd often see troops of wild turkeys parading across the lawns and up in the trees. They are quite a sight.

    You must be right in the middle of the arctic blast. I'd probably be drinking some Wild Turkey.... Stay warm! xoxo

  11. Oh I love turkey's- we always have a troop that runs through our yard- they are a funny sort, and your painting
    nails that funny kind of dinosaur look they have :)

    Oh boy snow- here it comes...

  12. very beautiful new creations!

  13. What an intriguing painting. The turkey looks really bored, not very wild at all. Loved seeing your model too.


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