Nov 24, 2014

Around the World blog Hop


I have been invited to participate in the: 

'Around the World blog Hop' 

She has a lovely blog: Needle and Pen
if you stop by and see her 'Around the World Post' you will see just how very talented she is!
In this hop we are asked 4 questions. 

What am I working on?

My life has been full of the theme of creating. A few things:

for over a quarter of a century I made beaded jewelry so that i could be a stay at home, yet full time working mom:

 many styles

sewing: clothing, leather and cloth shoes


 and so on

At this time in my life I try to limit myself to drawing and painting, photography and poetry. 

A few years ago I followed the desire to learn to draw and paint
 Inspired by the desire to illustrate some of my writing geared towards children. 

Turns out my art naturally leans that way, with enough spiritual feeling and humor to entertain adults as well.


I sell my illustrations here:  Beauty Flows


How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Instead of considering how it differs, I will share a few things I have noticed in my art.

I seem to have a playful style, a wee bit of humor. 
For instance, take a look at the painting above. I love placing my characters in fun positions, and there is the tree branches mimicking the fairies arms.

Why do I create what I do?

I love the surprise and joy
that comes with each piece
it feels meditative to me
the rest of the world disappears into here and now

 How does my creating process work?

often I begin with paper and pencil or pen
first a face
then a body
I wonder at the color of their eyes, hair and clothing
then go with the instinct that first comes to me

I feel as though  I'm meeting a spirit that wants to live in our world in the form of art
 I love that feeling

next there is figuring out what they are doing, then create their environment

rarely do I have a complete idea at the beginning
Other times an idea comes from my life
I live in a wee log cabin in NW Montana:

surrounded by meadows, forest, two ponds and two creeks
there are lions, wolves, bears, fox, birds and more here
a wild land,
a land where trees steal hats:

a place that speaks to us when we listen and feel:

 the owl from the leading painting:
recently I find my world showing up in my art
which you can clearly see in the painting I share at the top; 
when i walk these woods I often looking at tracks on the paths
wondering who passed by and what they were doing, who I share this land with:

Then there is my photography
it is all nature
no setting up lights
no creating scenes
simply finding the natural beauty of our world
attempting to portray its mystery and majesty

I have another blog for that:
a sampling of my photography
and world:


I will leave you with a photo of what my world looks like today:


now to share an artist friend who will be joining the
Around the World blog Hop:
I never know what i will find when i visit her blog
perhaps sumi ink drawings
layered paintings using multi media
but I always enjoy seeing what she has shared with us!

thank you for taking the time to get to know me
and my world

This is loooong post compared to what I usually share.
I hope you enjoyed your visit. 

If you have a question, leave it with your comment and I will answer it there. 



  1. I loved reading this and seeing your beautiful, charming pictures. It has been a real pleasure getting to know you through your weblog.

    1. ahhh, thank you Sarah! I have also enjoyed getting to know you through your beautiful photography and writtings that draw me in!

  2. Dear Tammie,
    It's always such a treat and a pleasure to read your blogs, and today you gave us so much more insight into your world and your soul, you inspired me even more to create and left me with a feeling of wonder.
    Thank you!

  3. Bonjour chère amie,

    Un très joli résumé... Une vie artistique bien remplie que vous nous faites partager. J'aime la douceur, la poésie de vos oeuvres.
    Une grande sensibilité se révèle dans chacune d'elle. J'adore !
    Gros bisous ♡

    1. Dear, Martine Alison, thank you for taking the time to read throught this journey of a post. Also for your lovely message!

  4. I loved reading more about you and your art :-) Your illustrations always make me smile! Your jewellery is lovely too, i'd love to get into bead craft but I can never seem to find the time!!

  5. Long but very lovely! I so enjoyed reading about your 'evolution' Tammie, and seeing lots of your lovely art in one post. It is exactly as you describe it - whimsical faires, elves and creatures of the forest in the same beautiful natural surroundings that you call home. And very definitely perfect for illustrating children's books (as I have been saying for years!).

    1. I so hope i follow through with books Janice!

  6. wonderful post Tammie and embroidery!! beautiful embroidery

    1. so nice that you enjoyed the embroidery Karen ;-)
      i made a couple ring pillows in this style, oh so long ago.

  7. Gosh, you do live in such a beautiful corner of the ol' globe. I'm not sure I ever told you thins, but I don't care, I'll tell you again, I have an incredible love for Montana. When I fist immigrated to Canada and learned enough English to go to public school, my class had an assignment to write to an American state capitol, get as much info sent back as possible about the state and write, draw, present a report. You guessed it, I got Montana. I'm afraid it's been true love since, and, as you may suspect, true love lasts forever. One day I hope to live there for a while.

    And I love your art. I love all the playful, whimsical images you come up with and always hope you will do the drawing challenge so I can see a new one. Your beaded jewellery is lovely. That's something I haven't tried yet. One day when I have nothing to I'm so glad we're friends now on FB because now I can keep up with you and get to know you a bit better. Big hugs from me to you. :D

    1. It was wonderful to hear your Montana experience Veronica! I think a lot of people fall in love with MT. That is why i moved here. I literally could hear my heart saying 'I love Montana' over and over and that is when it dawned on me that it was time to call it home. I am also glad we are now FB and blog friends. big hug to you too ~

  8. So interesting and revealing of your many talents! :) All your creations, from jewelry to photography speak of a wonderful poetic journey and of your closeness to nature. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your artistic process! Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you Astera, wishing you and yours a lovely thanksgiving as well. thinking of you and the wee precious gift you are carrying.

  9. Wonderful post! You're very talented!

  10. Such a lovely post Tammie, and how nice to find out a little more about your creative journey too. It's all magical - and I love the description of your processes. I'm so delighted that you joined me on this lovely tour.x

    1. thank you for the invite Jules.... it is interesting to contemplate our artful journey.

  11. Wonderful post! Your art is so lovely and magical and your photographs are amazing. I enjoyed the insight into your world this day...

    1. Thank you Lisa, so glad you enjoyed your visit.

  12. I really enjoyed reading about your other talents and how you came into drawing. The painting that opens this post is wonderful and now I understand it's biographical nature. I didn't realize all the wildlife you have around you. I can see why you would be drawn to live there.

    What an amazing photo you got of the owl. Breathtaking indeed!

    So glad you could meet through blogging.
    Hopefully, I'll have my post up next week.

    1. Thank you for noticing the top painting. It was completed this week, so my newest one. I so love seeing owls, it does not happen often, but they are here.
      I look forward to your post Juana.

  13. You are such an inspiration ~ a womyn of many beautiful, heartfelt *and* playful talents!

    I am grateful that our paths have crossed.

  14. Hello Tammie,
    I've visited this post a few times now and no comments could do it justice.
    Can I just say that everything is beautiful here and I loved to see where you live, I can hardly imagine it.
    What a lovely world you live in and how cleverly you paint it.

    1. Ah, thank you Sheila, there is a lot to see in this post. I could hardly imagine where i live either, until i moved here. So much to learn and meet.

  15. Your art and words are so lovely in this beautiful post, all so soulful and full of peace here! Your world is magical!

  16. Ha Tammie, fun read here and looked
    and you know better, you're golden hands !!!
    You have beautiful things to see your drawings your photo, s
    and more ................
    my question?
    you live among wild animals ....
    what do you do when you get to cases by an animal?
    Love a groetje Christiene ...............

    Ha Tammie, met plezier hier gelezen en gekeken
    en heb je beter leren kennen,je hebt gouden handen!!!
    Je hebt mooie dingen laten zien je tekeningen je foto,s
    en meer................
    mijn vraag?
    je leeft tussen de wilde dieren....
    wat doe je als je aan gevallen word door een dier?
    Liefs een groetje Christiene...............

  17. Wowness..what a gorgeous post and beautiful heartfelt adventure listening to your words and feasting on your art and your photography, beaded treasures and all!
    I love all that you do Tammie and it has been a wonderful experience getting to know you and your world over the years! As are soulful, magical and a creative-spiritess!
    Much appreciation...thanks for sharing everything! magnificent..beautiful..amazing!

  18. I love your illustrations, there are so many details in them.
    I always enjoy sitting at my work desk at home after a week at work, doing some creative work. It always relaxes me. Enjoy your weekend

  19. A lot of happy-mixed and adventurous Tammie-drawings! :) !
    I fell in a special love with the first one in the forest with such sweet and lifely dream-details!

    OH--- the SNOW!!!

  20. it's great to get to know you a bit better through this bloghop! Love reading your answers and seeing the different art pieces. It seems very lonely in the woods out there. But you're surely surrounded by beautiful nature!

  21. Tammie, it's wonderful getting to know more about you and your art and photography. I love the playfulness of your illustrations, and the exquisite elegance of your photos. and I hate when those darn trees steal my hats! :)

  22. you are the first person to mention that trees have stolen their hats, it happens to me often! you made me laugh out loud, thank you for that and for your lovely message.

  23. All these years, and i still learn new things about you, Tammie. Keep creating!

  24. Wow Tammie, what an impressive gorgeous post!
    You are a talented woman, so creative! And your
    drawings and paintings are filled with love, warmth,
    humor, extravagance...and much more! :)
    I also love your photos of Montana's great nature!
    You inspire ever! :)

  25. And not to forget -
    your lovely jewelry! :)

  26. Tammie, your art brings out the child in all of us, my favorite place to be! No wonder you are so filled with the magic of nature, you live in paradise!!! Your photography and jewelry are beautiful as your art and words! Hugs, Deb


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