Oct 15, 2014


she knows who she is

this week i had a unique experience
i saw a big swoosh through the air, a great gray owl landed on a tree, then here on the ground, a second later it was in the pond, then up in the trees.... 
so cool to see it sitting on the ground and then jump in the water!
the photo was taken from inside and through a glass window:


  1. I love your witch, she has a bit of a sassy attitude! How amazing to have seen the owl do that, wonderful shots too!

  2. Great photos and I love your witch. Hugs Annette x


  3. Wonderful experience!!!

  4. Bonjour chère amie,

    Ton dessin est tout simplement délicieux.
    Tu as eu énormément de chance de pouvoir observer cette chouette. Un beau présage.
    Gros bisous ☼

    1. i love that, a good omen, thank you~

  5. yes, a wonderful experience with the owl! thank you all!

  6. Tammie ha, nice you pen drawing with you witch, she looks confident.
    Owl is very special, too special that you've seen him. Firsthand
    Fine picture.
    Greetings Christiene ............

    Ha Tammie,mooi jou pentekening met jou heksje,ze kijkt zelf verzekerd.
    De Uil is heel bijzonder,ook bijzonder dat jij hem met eigen ogen hebt gezien.
    Mooi in beeld gebracht.
    Groeten Christiene............

  7. Oh wow, that owl is so amazing! I love owls. I love your drawing too, she looks so confident :-)

  8. Lovely drawing...really love her dress and the lil mushrooms :) And how amazing the experience with the owl...wow! Want to know if she did this regularly?
    ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

    1. no, not regularly, well i have never seen an owl do this. it might take a bath or hunt frogs in my pond every day and i am simply not looking out at the right moment.
      thank you for enjoying my little witch.

  9. Oh great! You have seen a beautiful owl too through a glass window. It's not easy to take a photo through glass. It's good to recieve a bit of spiritual owl medicine! ;-)
    It looks quite a bit bigger than the tawny owl that I saw in my garden. It's lovely that you have captured it. I would say that is a good omen, Tammie.
    Love your witchy woman too!

    1. It is a fairly large owl, we are so lucky to have them around. This is the first i have seen in months.....
      thank you for your lovey message.

  10. How beautiful an experience..deeply touching and very magical..your owl kindred is a sweet soul!
    Gorgeous art..I love her energy and spirit..and Confidence is the perfect title! Beautifully done!

  11. Oh Tammie Lee, what a WONDERFUL MOMENT you witnessed! STUNNING! I live in Minneapolis, and I even experienced one in my own yard. It was dark out as I was leaving through the back door to go to school. I heard this eery and too-close-for-comfort, "WHO WHO WHO" and I thought it was my neighbor playing a joke on me. NOPE, it was a white owl. Splendid, frightening, perfect for an autumnal experience.

    I LOVE that you live in a tiny wood cabin, and I think your instincts to white-wash the ceilings/floors is a super idea. TRY IT! I am going to white-wash the exposed beams in our great room and when I'm done, I will photograph that room to share.

    Enjoy a magical day (and I love your illustration!)

  12. How magical for you, I love owls, you live in an enchanted place! Your witch is so lovely too!

  13. It is unpossible to draw such a position of selfconfidence without having an authentic experience like this! She really stands stabil and clear, viewing straight to her aim!

    O the owl! A wonder! Good catcher, Tammie!


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