Jul 4, 2014

DC: Inner Eye

inner seeing
she could tell where people avoided intimacy
within themselves
her inner life became
a perfect day

our dear friend Susan is hosting
Drawing Challenge this weekend
visit her and others to enjoy the theme

Thank you Sus!

Canola fields are blooming:

wishing all a wonder full 
and safe 4th of July weekend


  1. So lovely! Have a beautiful weekend.

  2. Lovely...Her face is so gorgeous and I always love when you include your beautiful Montana landscapes in your drawings. Happy 4th.

  3. Beatiful drawing with extra colors!

    The yellow field is uncredible! And the flying birds: All this wide range is in the heart and head - in our inner space.

  4. I really loved this face...and I love the mixing of lines and soft colors.

  5. A beautiful woman, beautiful from outside
    but also her inside.
    Tammie what so many beautiful yellow flowers
    and the blue sky,
    How beautiful it is there with you.
    Nice weekend and enjoy all the beauty .....
    Greetings Christiene.

    Een prachtige vrouw, mooi van buiten
    maar ook haar binnenkant.
    Tammie wat mooi zo veel gele bloemen
    en ook die blauwe lucht,
    Wat is het mooi daar bij jou.
    Fijn weekend en geniet van al het moois.....
    Groeten Christiene.

  6. I love how you did the landscape in her body. It looks like she has a whole inner world inside of her ....

  7. Wonderful portrait with the two soft colors in her face! Yes, I see the flock:)

  8. Very very pretty drawing.
    Always nice to see your art and pictures.
    Have a very nice weekend.
    Liefs, Melanie

  9. Very soft & delicate ....lovely interpretation on the this weeks theme .....& beautiful canola fields!

  10. Ah, she's beauty-full, Tammie. A vision. Thanks for joining!

  11. that is a beautiful face! so calm, resigned, vivid. really like, n♥

  12. Hi, Tammie, very delicate treatment you did in the face. and I love the idea of the interior landscape! :)

  13. Hi Tammie. She looks wise and content and like she's looking deep into my inner eye! Beautiful pencil (?) work.

    I'm hosting next week's DC so if you'd like to join let me know. Check out my blog to see what the theme will be. xo Carole

  14. lovely image and lovely thought Tammie. Inner peace is so precious.
    Yous canola fields are beautiful. I wonder if the canola is blooming here too. Have to have a drive thru the country and check it out.
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend holiday and big hugs for a great week ahead. :)

  15. beautiful and graceful- your words are poignant to me- and that field is a raucous riot of color!!! WoW

  16. such a calm face
    i like it that you used just two colors

    Patrice A.

  17. I hope your 4th of July was magical Tammie...and how is that little man of yours?


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