Jul 12, 2014

Drawing Challenge: What's That?

fairy: what's that inside her belly?
owl: facets of her spirit
fairy: ahhhh

such a fun week 
considering: What's that? 
lots of animal sounds
tiny crunching sounds inside of logs
rustling in the bushes
life energy within words that are spoken

for fun, what's this?

with an interesting theme


  1. I like your drawing & her hidden spirit....as for the photo ...I think I know....are you going to tell?

  2. hi Sally,
    Yes, it is a macro photograph of a large mushroom that is drying out.
    Thanks for asking.

  3. Lovely drawing and photo also :-)

  4. I love your imagination Tammie, and the photo of the mushroom is great!

  5. Tammie,once again,I love this. The tree is gorgeous. Love the flowers and mushrooms. The faerie and the owl's conversation is wonderful.

  6. making us aware all week, this was a fun theme, wasn't it?
    i could never know, but the last picture looks beautiful. is it a wet book's pages? i don't think so. pasta? nah... you must tell us later, tammie! :))) n♥
    aw, it's a mushroom???? that is beau-ti-ful!

  7. Merveilleux dessin, Tammie.

  8. Great photo of the mushroom and what a wonderful "title"(clicking through): waves of grace! eric

  9. that last image of the mushroom is beautiful!
    and your words so true
    that's what it was for me too
    WHAT'S THAT? made me look at my life

    Patrice A.

  10. Tammie ha, a beautiful fairy with a look in her belly.
    The picture .... it looks like a mushroom ......
    Lovingly greeting Christiene .....

    Ha Tammie, een prachtig elfje met een kijkje in haar buik.
    De foto ....het lijkt een paddestoel......
    liefs een groet Christiene.....

  11. Hi Tammie..... your drawing is really lovely. It reminds me of being pregnant with my first and wondering "what's that kid doing in there..... summer saults!"
    Great photo of the mushroom. So glad you enjoyed this theme. Happy week to you.

  12. Aw, your drawing made me feel all emotional. That's so lovely to think we carry the facets of our spirit inside our bellies. Love it. And the mushroom too. :D Hope you're all set for a beautiful week ahead.

  13. Gorgeous close up of the mushroom! I love how the beauty of natural objects shines through when seen close up like this.
    Lovely drawing, I like the facets of her spirit!
    Jess xx

  14. That is one incredible macro shot! At, first I thought it was wood and then realized it's a mushroom.

    And I love the "facets of her spirit" drawing. It makes me think about what I'd have in there:)

  15. Hey, nice idea, loved the fairy question and owl's answer :)

    Oh. I can not find out, what is the picture! :)


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