Mar 29, 2014

D.C.: Water


it is spring, early spring here in NW Montana
though it still snows
the circles of earth grow larger around trees each day
snow in meadows turn to seasonal creeks
and lakes

snow at night
turns to rain in the day

feeds you and me
trees plants and bees
all life

and circles from air
into earth

even we
are a huge part water
i bow
namaste' to the presence
and spirit of water

at night
i looked out my window
at the tall slender Engleman Spruce trees
lit by the moon
still standing with snow
and this painting came to me
then to be

this week
i have heard and seen our Great Gray owls
and once heard the singing of wolves
in early spring
so much water
in the form of snow, ice, rain, creek and lake
you can see more of my watery photos on my other blog:




  1. I adore these photos--and your painting, as always touches my heart deeply. It is how I feel about the forests of my childhood---or any forest I set foot in. They are all different. Your mountains and forests are incredibly amazing.

    ((hugs)) Thank you for sharing them--and your lovely artwork.

  2. I also wanted to tell you, the idea of the great gray owls and wolf goodness. Such music must be beautiful.

  3. Hi Tammie. I showed Chloe your painting and she loved it to pieces. She's in love with wolves and owls, and a certain spruce tree called a Sitka spruce, and all the forest reverence you've painted into this piece. I love it too.

  4. the wolf... i must take a bow for the wolf. naturally. and i most long for a nature in my backgarden such as yours.. still, there's that trickle o' creek... ;)))

  5. I love this wonderful watercolor and the detail with the meditating woman in front of the fire and her singing companion, the wolf, her dear dog, always with her. Visited by the wise owl...

    Thank you for informating us about your climate and weather, this is very interesting for me! Beautiful photos!

  6. Love your painting and pictures.
    Liefs, Melanie

  7. This painting has such a magical atmosphere. I love it!

  8. Tammie this is one of my favourites. It really has a tranquil/pure feel. I absolutely love how you've painted the sky. Many feels for this painting.

  9. I love the painting you made for this DC and the photo's are beautiful! I love the wolf you made.... and the whole atmosphere in this picture.

  10. I just found your art. So sweet and thoughtful. Your subjects and themes are so fresh and inviting. ~Karen Fields

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  12. Beauty is immense dear friend, the drawings are really good.
    What a wonderful place ...

    A kiss!

  13. Tammie, these two watercolors are most wonderful. I especially love the owl, such a unique composition.
    wishing you the blessings of spring thaw,

  14. you painted a wonderful world ♥!
    :-) mano

  15. Wow you're really living in another part of the world. This year we have for gods sake an early sunny spring with unusual warm weather which we enjoy a lot. So I hope spring and warm weather will come to you soon!
    Your painting again is dreamy soft and spiritual and I'm totally in love with little howling wolf and your composition is very strong!
    hugs barbara bee

  16. Those trees Tammie! I can imagine what it must be like to be in that kind of grove- and the weather I think is very similar to us here...wet and cold but spring is ever closer- water is truly every where :)

  17. How wonderful!! This painting is just so cool and atmospheric. I really love it! The tall trees just make it I think. Lovely :)

  18. your paintings and words are great... we had rain mixed with snow just Saturday. i'm wondering if winter will ever let go of her chilled grip. we're supposed to have nice, warm weather sometime this week. i can't wait. i'm hoping to go outside and give my trees some more potting soil as the weather and neighbor dogs have disturbed them a bit. three of my young trees have blooms sprouting out. beautiful sight. hope all is well. have a great day~

  19. I love the fairytale atmosphere in your paintings, Eric

  20. such a magical world you love in
    a full moon, the sound of a wolf
    and an owl
    all the things i love
    and your poem.... thank you for that
    and thanks for participating!!!
    Patrice A.

  21. beautiful photos and beautiful watercolors! Water really is everywhere, in fact our planet should not be called, Earth, but Water. Also, if not for the water, your watercolor would not have that sky with those beautiful spots that are diluted, which seem to explode!
    Thanks, I liked your post :)

  22. Tammie,

    Your blog is wonderful.

    I wish you delightful days.

  23. How exciting it must be to see the land gradually peeping through as the snow thaws. These pictures are beautiful! Your painting has the feel of the landscape, I see the inspiration so strongly in it. :)
    Jess x

  24. Woweeeee. I really love this one too. All the magical circles. And the trees are so very, very tall! Fantastic and majestic. Your photos are always incredible. I love the photo on your other blog where the ice looks scalloped like lace. Amazing!

  25. So very magical, beautiful and soul-touching..I felt like I was traveling a visual-dream-journey..through the drumbeat of your poetic words and gorgeous art and imagery!!
    Amazing...meditational and inspirational always!
    Happiest Spring my kindred spirit!

  26. Very spiritual paintings. I could hear the crackle of the fire, you breathing, the wolf howling, the grey owl hooting and the trees swaying! Well done, Tammie.



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