Apr 2, 2012

Spring Deer

visiting Karen Ruane's blog: Contemporary Embroidery

I enjoyed how Karen mixed stitching on paper with her cloth fibre stitching

so I thought to give it a try
stitching and watercolors on handmade Khadi paper from India

treat yourself to a leisurely visit at Karen's blog
or even sign up for her amazing class!
Her students are creating awesome pieces!
these last few months i have enjoyed using 
DoTerra high quality organic essential oils.

I am enjoying DoTerra fennel essential oil right now. 
one drop in a glass of water,
quite refreshing!

Used for centuries for its many health benefits, Fennel essential oil has pronounced antioxidant properties and is considered a tonic. It is often used to relieve indigestion (supporting the healthy functions of the stomach), to aid in any kind of digestive issue and to support improvements to the lymphatic system. Fennel's sweet yet spicy aroma is balancing and has familiar licorice notes.

I love the taste of it!

If you are interested in learning more
or trying it yourself
you can visit my DoTerra store.

note: detailed hair inspired by: western cedar foliage:



  1. Yet another two lovely drawings! I just love then Tammie! =) Both the colors and the way you draw.. so sweet the one with the girl and deer! :)
    I have to go and take a look to what you're dropping in your glass of water ;) and to visit the other links as well.. but I come back another day.. too late at ight just now..

    Good night! :)

  2. Oh gosh, both of your pieces are lovely! I'm really enjoying the way you're doing the hair on your girls lately! And your dear is so gentle and beautiful. :)

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  4. Tammie, I love your stiching
    I love you image
    I quoted you on my blog...

  5. Two gorgeous paintings Tammie, and the stitching complements them perfectly.

    I also love Karen's paper / fabric / stitch creations and have asked her to do a course on it. I have tried it myself in the past, but as more of a feature rather than the tiny motifs you have used, and not to great effect. Yours are very effective indeed - they remind me of little Inca markings.

    Wishing you a beautiful day,

  6. I love how you've added the stitching to your paintings!

    Ah, yes fennel. One of my favorite memories of my childhood is the German fennel tea my mother and I drank on cold days. Delicious!

  7. I am so happy I inspire you!! Not that you need inspiration from me , your work is beautiful and yet again you have a gorgeous offering today!
    Thanks so much for the compliments, I appreciate them so much, Karen

  8. Oooh another lovely one. I am loving this series. You are so meticulous and detailed. I wonder how that feels? Hehehe.

    About your comment: Thank you Tammie. That photo was taken by my brother when I was around three years old. I do not expect people to tell me everything, heavens, no, I do not want to know what is none of my business but I cannot stand it when someone actually makes up stories. That is so unnecessary and such a waste of everyone's time. I can forgive many transgressions but when someone deliberately lies, I find that very despicable. Anyway, everything is okay around here now. Liars always self-destruct. Guess, what I am doing at lunchtime??? :)

  9. Oooh! Have a safe and fun trip. Thank you. I have to finish writing my rule programs so I can enjoy my lunch. Enjoy your day!!! Tsup!

  10. Your paintings are beautiful...and I love how you do the hair.

  11. Hey Tammie,
    At last a chance to visit you and see your inspiring post!
    I see you have been busy creating dreadlock hair. Very nice textures and your ladies faces look very tranquil.
    Karen's work is fresh and lovely too!
    Such amazing detail in her embroidery stitches.
    A house I used to live in a few years ago had fennel growing in the garden. It grows like a weed, but the smell was nice and really strong when we had to cut it back.
    The oil must taste like aniseed.
    Have a Happy Easter at the end of the week!
    Best wishes,
    Jo. xx

  12. Anonymous4/03/2012

    Isn't it nice to create life on paper?

    I like the way you use texture in your work.

  13. Hi Viola,
    fun that you enjoyed the deer one, i thought the face on the gal was a bit odd... but went with sharing it any way. I did not sketch and erase and perfect her, it was one of those carefree pieces and shows that my first sketch needs help to be in balance, but i like not refining it sometimes.

    yes, check out fennel oil in water, it is so very good!

    Thank you Sophia!

    yvette, so fun that you shared my thoughts on your blog... thank you for your visit.

    thank you. fun that you enjoy Karen too~ it was not easy stitching through this thick paper.

    thank you for your visit, fun to hear about your childhood memory.

    hi Karen, so fun to share your art with others!

    Ces, oh yes, you are the queen of meticulous!

    thank you Janet~
    I am having a grand time with this hair.

    Sandy, yes, paper is awesome and i love switching it up. different paper for different pieces.

    thank you all for your lovely visits!

  14. that is so pretty, Tammie!
    i love the idea of mixing them <3


  15. Anonymous4/04/2012

    Karen has an amazing blog and you have gathered two techniques I know ...
    I love the paper you use and above all his sources of inspiration.
    Tammie, you are a great artist and very good person.

  16. Lovely work Tammie! Like the stitching/painting...”pitching or stainting?”
    Great stuff!

  17. Tammie, you are such an explorer! I love how you are always exploring new things, and these are simply wonderful!

    Thank you for sharing Karen's blog. I went there and had a great browse. :)

  18. Anonymous4/05/2012

    So pretty....i love her hair the braided design is beautiful!

  19. Wow..so beautiful Tammie...such fabulous and gorgeous works..I love meeting all the new spirits and souls you create...totally inspiring and magical...amazing!!
    And yay..Fennel is pretty amazing it is big in our culture, we call it finnochio..there was always a bulb of it at the table to share.. and we use the seeds boiled/ as a compress. Very healing. I love using essential oils too..and flower remedies...etc all kinds of stuff. my main tonic is oil of oregano..it keeps me in balance.( but the taste isn't for everyone.ha ha..pretty strong.)
    beautiful post..and your art is stunning and always touches my heart!

  20. love-love these new pieces!! esp. the hearts in her hair, colors and embroidered touches...such a sweet spring deer...soon the newborn spotted deerlings will be dancing 'round the cabin!!! yeaaa spring in montana!!
    warm hugs~ abigail

  21. I am LOVEing the patterns in the hair in your drawings. It's sets off the softness of the other parts of the drawings so wonderfully and it's just beautiful! Nice work!

  22. I am LOVEing the patterns in the hair in your drawings. It's sets off the softness of the other parts of the drawings so wonderfully and it's just beautiful! Nice work!

  23. I am LOVEing the patterns in the hair in your drawings. It's sets off the softness of the other parts of the drawings so wonderfully and it's just beautiful! Nice work!

  24. I am LOVEing the patterns in the hair in your drawings. It's sets off the softness of the other parts of the drawings so wonderfully and it's just beautiful! Nice work!

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  26. Tammie, you have touched my textile artist heart strings with these pieces, in the combination of your wonderful drawings with the softness of the paper and the texture of stitch, you have created something really special here! LOVE IT!


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