Jan 3, 2023

Landscape Art


I ended and began the year with little landscape art.

They were both done in art journals.

Amazing how long the pencil one above took. 

I had not played with pencils for a long time and found it relaxing and fun to choose colors.

This was painted in a Hahnemuhle 100% cotton watercolor journal. 

I enjoyed working on the paper. These journals are new to the market. 

The best part of each of these landscapes, besides the act of making them, is that I would enjoy wandering into both of them to explore and enjoy.

On New years day I was out feeding the birds. 
They land on a tree near me, chirp when they want nuts, I hold out my hand for them to land
and take a nut/seed away. 

There was another high pitched sound, I looked down to see this little ermine completely curious about me. 
It ran from hole to hole popping its head out to look at me. 
What an exciting experience. 

Happy 2023 to each of you!


  1. Beautiful art Tammie.
    Both with pencil and watercolor.

    An ermine, I've never seen one in real life, beautiful.

    A beautiful 2023!

  2. Oh Tammie, I so love the magic of your art. And especially love that very cute ermine!

    1. Yes, that ermine was a fun encounter.

  3. Beautiful landscapes! It's wonderful to see the detail that you could get by using the pencils (and interesting to me to see how you composed the landscape out of various regions). And I love the water color... not nearly so representational, but the color range and moodiness express the magic and majesty of a mountainscape. The ermine, of course, is a huge bonus -- what a great treat!

    1. Fun to consider these pieces through your perception, thank you. Yes, the ermine! xo

  4. O this funny sweet ermine! What a wonder, you caught him, the same as the birds. They all are together with your heart and feeling soul!

    I enjoy the two landscapes very much! They really invite to walk there. Thousand points in the first picture with a calm and loving hand.

    Have a very good new year - full of wonderful inspirations! Your artfriend Dori

    1. Hello Dori, Thank you for enjoying what I shared. Lovely new year to you too.

  5. This is beautiful, I love all the vibrant colors and the details of the flowers. Happy New Year. :)

  6. Lovely landscape. It's easy to get lost in them. I find the more abstract an artwork is, the more likely you'll see things there you haven't see on first viewing. The second piece is like a smoothing sky closing its eyes and enjoying the land below.

    I haven't seen an ermine before but it's cute.

    Have a lovely day.


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