May 16, 2014

DC: Memories..... and there are so many ;-)

i have been smitten with the present moment

inspired by
wanting to know how to best care for my land
so i listen

to the breeze animating the trees
the beauty of flowers tilting their heads to the sun

(fairy slipper, Calypso orchid)
tiny fungus as they rise through the surface of the earth

in doing so
i have found myself in a deep quiet joy

that is what the present moment can inspire
deep quiet joy

and i thought (memories) of other moments in my life
that brought me present to:
 deep quiet joy

my son falling asleep on my shoulder

the colors of the setting or rising sun

a kiss
where nothing else exists

the first sip of coffee in the morning

photographing ice crystals and snowflakes

creating art

dancing with a partner

(dancing with violets)

the list goes on

i love it when the past falls away
and the future is where it belongs.... in the future
and i am 
completely absorbed
in now

i feel that is the best
experience of my 56 years of life

it seems the presence is in this moment and in my memories
so many memories!

Thank you for this wonderful prompt
it took me on a big journey
sharing what i have been experiencing 
and looking to the past

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  1. Wow..beautiful and spellbinding...thanks you for taking me on a gorgeous inner journey of your magical life and spirit and soul! Love your art always..and the photos..but especially loved the one of you holding your baby..precious!! Hugs and sparkles...thanks for the beauty you always shine out!

  2. Memory . . . what a storehouse that is . . .
    but this very moment is all we really have and the more ve focus on that, the more enjoyment we get out of it. The more we enjoy, the better it is for all things around us, even the earth smiles.

  3. A wonderful meditation - a wonderful poem of life, dreams and reality!

    Yor baby on your shouder sleeping: This is such an amazing moment without time - only space. Presently are all the young mothers all over the world in all times ever they have seen.

    My time with my baby and this photo melt to one eternal feeling.

    The same it is with the other moments you describe. They melt together with eternity

  4. Your beautiful words and images fill my heart with peace..
    I just love the photo of you and your baby...

  5. I loved reading this post :)

  6. I am so glad to find your beautiful blog through Kristen. I have enjoyed your post and many arts!! How wonderful!!
    Tomoko from Japan

  7. Ha Tammie,jou memories in een vogel vlucht prachtig!
    Moeder en kind zo lief.
    De koffie een kunstwerk,haast jammer om op te drinken
    Prachtig jou viooltjes kunstwerk Tammie, zo mooi!!
    en de natuur weer mooi in beeld gebracht!
    een groet en een fijne zondag.

    Ha Tammie, you memories in a beautiful bird flight
    Mother and child so sweet.
    The coffee is a work of art, almost a shame to drink
    Beautiful artwork you violets Tammie, so beautiful!
    nature and beautiful again imaged!
    a greeting and a fine Sunday.

  8. the presence is in this moment and in my memories
    I love that sentence, Tammie, thank you for these words, I can feel you... on the first picture is a magic place!
    x Stefanie

  9. Beautiful post, and I love your dancing girl ♥

  10. Bonjour chère amie,

    Un billet sincèrement magnifique... Il n'est pas évident de mettre en images ses propres souvenirs... Ils sont parfois si nombreux...
    Je crois que tu as ouvert le plus beau tiroir de la boîte à souvenirs. Celle que je trouve merveilleuse est celle de la tête de ton bébé sur ton épaule.

    Gros bisous ♡

  11. What a beautiful post Tammie! You are a very inspirational woman! THANK YOU!

  12. Tammie,
    Thank you for your kind words about Andre... No, I don't believe I saw your post with the bears.. I would love to see it.
    What was the title of the post. I will look it up.

  13. Such a beautiful post Tammie! your words are so honest and fitting and the memories you list- I could smell and feel them along side reading them!Such wonderful connections and super photos!!
    Thanks so much for playing along this weekend :)

  14. Hi, Tammie. I loved your post! really!. Every word and every picture. but there is a photo that is my favorite and that touched me. It is the photo of your little boy asleep on your shoulder!
    Good week for you!

  15. how wonderfully touching, i like how you make use of the theme to reminisce on a chunk of life which is called ours, no less...
    i am also very touched by your phrase, "a kiss
    where nothing else exists", that is so poetic. n♥

  16. such a sweet drawing and that image of your son!
    oh, yes, those are the memories!!
    your words so true
    that is what i try to do
    live in the moment
    enjoying the memories
    and not to worry to much for the future

    thanks for this!

  17. There's no one there, it's all so quiet, and you're the only one. I can see and feel that. The present and memories are now.

  18. Wonderful how you describe that the past is unfolding itself in the presence.

  19. Yes, the now is where we live to make the memories of tomorrow. Beautiful photographs, Tammie.
    - sus

  20. Dear Tammie, your post like your drawing is like a dance of memories blissful and full of joy for the moment and the past. And wonderful photos of course too.äbarbara bee

  21. Incredible moments you've shared and that is such a heartwarming photo of you and your sleeping son. Memories and moments to cherish.

    Love the free-spirit feeling of your painting!

  22. WOW!!!! This is by far one of the most beautiful posts I have ever read!!! What joy I found reading and looking at each photo. Absolutely lovely in every way.
    Have a Wonderful Weekend.

  23. Sigh...that was such a beautiful flow through memories...yours started mine...and I found myself, too, in the present and past and far beyond! Thank you, Tammie, and never stop dancing! :-)

  24. What a treasure I found here, each and one of them! :) memories are good things to have, and to beable to reflect, as you do. Yes what is a life time..passing too fast.. I as you prefer the now.. as the now is the most real thing we do have. So can tomorrow come with a new Now..
    And in the now lies all the memories.

  25. the picture of you and your son id beautiful, calming....

  26. What a beautiful post, Tammie. Your little pool looks so lovely, and the bench and table beside it so inviting. A beautiful photo of you and your son, too, and so many happy memories. Thank you for sharing it all. x

  27. Like so many here, I have to say it as well....what a beautiful post. I loved reading it, (actually I re-read it three times...*laughs*) What a wonderful insight into you, Tammie. Now I get a glimpse into your art and beauty of your photos. <3

    I love the shot of your son sleeping on your shoulder, so precious. I can't wait till I can have such a lovely experiance as that.

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful post. <3

  28. Wow Tammie thank you for such an amazing post...makes me breath deeper and beeing thankful you remind me of the moment I am in :)Love the shot with the babe on your moves me alot ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  29. Tammie your photos, art and words all touch me, it's bliss here and feels so very happy, wonderful!

  30. Ah...this just gave me goosebumps. I especially loved the black and white picture of you holding your baby son.

    So--I just found out, dear girl, that we are the same age!!! 56! ((hugs)) Well, I'm not surprised. We are sisters of the heart it is plaint to see.

  31. Hello!
    Thank you very much for visiting and leaving a comment.
    I am under the spell of your magnificent blog.
    I admire all your post. Great drawings.
    Kisses and greetings for you ♥ ♥ ♥


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