Aug 28, 2012

Feather Clan

the other day
at a farmer's market
i saw a little old man
perhaps 90 years of age and more
carrying two long feathers
so much taller than him
immediately i began this sketch
perhaps in another he was an elf


  1. I love this as I am a feather collector. My mom got me started on it.

  2. Did you see that?! Oh! so very interesting! I'm excited! =)

    Your painting and drawing is so fancy also! :)

  3. How magical! :) I love your elf's sweet expression and those beautiful feathers that he holds. What great inspiration you found!

  4. I love when something can spark of the imagination. Love your wee man.... elf ;)

  5. Oh I like this. Her face is so sweet and gentle!!!

  6. Anonymous8/29/2012

    Tammie, you are so special. I love that a little old man at the market inspired you to paint another treasure!

  7. Oh yes, he is most definitely an elf.
    I love peacock feathers. They are very hard to find where I live.

    Mine got damaged when I moved last time and I would love to replace them.

    He is simply delightful Tammie.

    Hope the world is treating you well.

    hugs and love Sharon

  8. Hugs..this is blissful..this being has a beautiful heart and I can almost picture the man you are speaking magical! beautiful art..I love the softness and the lavender colors..and mostly his sweet gentle face of light!

  9. Oh wow,
    you understand.

    Feeling connected . . .

  10. Anonymous8/31/2012

    I believe in elves and fairies ...
    It is a small illusion that makes me more human ... I do not want to give up my beliefs ...
    I feel small and still in my childhood ...

    Tammie, you're adorable.
    You can smile makes my heart with your art and your thoughts.

    Thank you my friend!

  11. It was definitely an elf! Did you see his pointy ears?

  12. perhaps he would be lovely to think they exist around us.....


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