Jul 31, 2012

Celebrate Celebrate

dance to the music!
yea, it is the middle of Summer!
Enjoy each day
leap with joy
delight in treasures throughout the land
as this wee fae does

she hears the music in the air
amongst fungi folk
with the beautiful flowers
the tall mighty trees
as well as the bees

happy lammas to all those in summer
happy imbolc to those in winter


  1. sweet drawing. I hope you have a great summer.

  2. lovely spirit, lovely sprite -- you're perfectly caught the dream for every summer!

  3. Anonymous8/01/2012

    She is just perfect, Tammie!

  4. These newest studies remind me of my younger days when I could twist my body into a pretzel and STRETCH my "then" slender body to the clouds! Oh boy, those were the days, I miss being a lithe spirit.

  5. I looked at your girls here and in the post before, and I like them. I wish I had their long legs! Especially in those wonderful striped turquoise tights - awesome!

  6. Anonymous8/02/2012

    I celebrate the summer with you!
    It is an exceptional painting, full of optimism and joy.
    Oh ... and dance on top of a mushroom ....
    Tammie, a thousand kisses!!

  7. This post is delightful, wonderful. Happy day, happy life, to be sure.

  8. perfect way to celebrate the colors and warmth of summer. As Carola mentioned, I love her tights too!

  9. How sweet she is, reaching high up to the sky! Those pretty toadstools remind me of my kindergarten playground, I used to pretend I was a fairy lost in a magical forest. :))

    Hugs oxx

  10. Anonymous8/04/2012

    she dances so beautifully!!

  11. Anonymous8/04/2012

    I am in love with her length & grace... her tippy toes, her fingertips & her fiery mid-summer hair. Perfection.

    Happy middle of summer to you my friend...I'll be listening for the music in the air too today...

  12. Your bodies are coming along beautifully, Tammie. I wish mine could do this! :)

  13. Oh how I love this piece alot. LOVE her stripey tights! :)


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