May 7, 2023

Abstract Forest


The assignment from the course I am taking:

Magical Forest

was to paint an abstract forest

the one above does not look that abstract to me

so I made a second one.

Are either of them abstract?

This is called negative painting. 

you outline the subject (tree) with paint, instead of painting the tree itself. 

One of many things I am experiencing in this course is finding the artist in me

that existed before this world told me:

mountains aren't that pointy

trees aren't that color

this is how you draw a flower


It is so fun to take pencil or brush to paper and make marks and eventually finding things from life in it. 

I get absorbed in the movement of the brush, the marks the pencil makes

just for that experience. 

I love it. 


I hope this finds you enjoying your day. 




  1. Such an interesting way to layer textures, especially with a monochromatic palette. I've enjoyed this entire series a great deal, and especially the feeling of mystery and discovery that the process requires you to work with. Thanks for sharing all of these!

    1. So fun that you are also enjoying this course, though me. Thank you Anne.

  2. This technique you practice wonderful! WONDERFUL! I love both forest-paintings very much. This style is so mystic and heavenly, it fits very good to you and to your heart and life . .
    Negative- free-room is not easy to paint!

    1. Diese Technik übst du wunderbar! WUNDERBAR! Ich liebe beide Waldbilder sehr. Dieser Stil ist so mystisch und himmlisch, er passt sehr gut zu dir und zu deinem Herzen und Leben. .
      Negativ- Freiraum ist nicht einfach zu malen!

    2. Thank you Dori. I am truly enjoying it. Though this teacher is teaching quite free form art with a spiritual quality, her lessons are thought out with technical guidance. I feel they are well rounded and detailed and full of spirit. A wonderful mix that touches on so many parts of us.

  3. It worked out great Tammie!

  4. I have not tried it yet, would love to do negative painting one day. So much more to discover when you shift your attention to the hidden space. I find forests to be naturally abstract. Your paintings are beautiful, Tammie!


    1. Anonymous5/15/2023

      Thank you Soma. Negative painting is new to me also.


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