Aug 1, 2020

Honey Bee

last night I took an art night class
there were maybe 15 of us
sip and paint

It was lovely having the guidance of Jenna
each painting looked different
even though she guided us to paint a bee
add honeycomb
then flowers
each painting, all unique

i love that
each personality shines through



  1. Dear Tammy - though you are so experienced in drawing and painting, in inspirations and forms, you are part of a group painting under the watching eyes of a teacher! I a sure, that this teacher has much and very much joy you to be in this group!

    The bee and background is so excellent and fine! I love her feet and all!

    many greetings and good inspirations from Dori from the Bavarian Forest

  2. Sip and paints are fun. Glad you had a chance to join in. Your art is so advanced and beautiful.

  3. I love your bee! So sweet!

  4. What a lovely art! I like the bee and the background with red flowers and honeycomb!!

  5. It is a pretty piece!

  6. An enchanting drawing of this bee, honeycomb and flowers with the background!
    Great to paint in a group!
    Greetings Elke

  7. I like this one. All the parameters are shown here.... the honeycomb, the flowers, the bee. Simple and Perfect

  8. A nice personal touch to the painting Tammie.
    Very nice.


  9. That is a lovely painting, Tammie! Beautiful background and the eye is so gentle.


  10. You caught your honeybee in a great action pose! And the overall arrangement is lovely, too -- I especially like the linework in the wings. So glad you had this opportunity to paint/learn with others.


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