Jun 1, 2020

Dancing Fae

hoping to inspire
your smile



  1. It's you, little Tammiefee as a girl! Your soul is so happy and spiritual and thankful for the light!

  2. You make me here and now a sweet morning, dear Tammie! Have a wonderful day - time before solstice - I love it so very much - - The little fee is dancing and flying and jumping - - Greetings from Dori with heart over the ocean from Forest to Forest - -

  3. What a happy fairy.
    That makes you happy yourself :)

    Greetings Tammie.

  4. my smile for you, the floating and bouncing fairy who likes to be in your fairy realm!!!

  5. Tammie Lee, what a delightful blog this is. Haven't visited this one yet. Yes, this drawing DID make me smile. I hope you are doing well, and stay well, Ok?


  6. I see a dancing, happy bunny in that first cactus. The second one is quite and simple, actually, I think it's something I would do but probably not as nice. Your color usage is always wonderful.

    Have a lovely day.

  7. What a delightful sprite! I love the starburst flowers ... wonderful use of pattern fills, too. Hope you've enjoyed a lovely weekend!

  8. Pretty dancing shoes! She looks really happy!



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