Oct 16, 2018

Grizzly for InkTober

this weekend 
a friend saw a grizzly bear fattening up in the oat fields for winter
his photograph inspired this photo

purple mushrooms showed up in the woods
someone ate them over night

a drawing for inkTober


  1. Lovely and big respectful bear! The clouds look like funny animals, also the flowers have a personality.

    1. Yes, a big bear! Funny can be fun.

  2. good to see the bear out foraging before going to sleep :) would love to see one in the wild again, always impressive :)
    very nice line art for your bear drawing :)

    1. Yes, I am guessing they are quite busy eating, as are the deer!
      Thank you for enjoying the line work.

  3. Your grizzly bear is a friendly grizzly with a little smile on his face and he has such pretty little flowers to eat. But do grizzlies eat flowers? Maybe your bear has had enough to eat and is smiling at the loveliness of your flower meadow and the prettiness of this particular flower?
    Marvellous photo of the black bear too. The purple mushroom looks a bit sinister.

  4. I like the looks of your bear, and love those mountains.

  5. So amazing that your friend saw a grizzly bear. The purple in the mushroom is so glossy and vibrant. Surrounded by such beauties, I am not surprised that your drawing is so lovely.


    1. Yes, always amazing to see bears.
      Thank you for your lovely message!


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