Apr 28, 2017

Oak Tree

he leaned his forehead against the tree
quieted his thoughts

his heart melded with the trees heart
the tree let flow
hundreds of years of stories

stories  about the birds that came to nest and sing
the fungi and lichen it gave home to
the fairies that lived beneath its roots
the insects that live in its bark

the lad came to know 
those who rested in the shade of this tree
or found shelter from storm
 he saw the lion that napped in its branches
and so much more

he learned that a tree lives a big life
a deep life
a generous life
roots embedded in the earth
limbs dancing with the grace of the heavens

this lad returned as often as he could
to rest his forehead and heart
against the tree
sharing with 


  1. Such a fantastic kind story and drawing and painting! we should all walk out and hug a tree! :)
    Trees can get so much older than us and I believe they have their wisdom. They are our friends. Very important!

  2. Nice post and tree painting!

  3. What a magical post, love everything about it. Happy PPF, Hugs, Valerie

  4. Magical post with delightful art and words!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Your artwork and words are enchanting Tammie,
    Happy PPF to you. Have a wonderful weekend ;D

  6. Your art that goes with this delightful story is just beautiful. There is so much detail and just wonder to it.

  7. Said it before, I'll say it again. you should write a book!

  8. Anonymous4/29/2017

    Now it looks even more beautiful from a beautiful picture story page would be it!
    Greetings Elke

  9. Ha Tammie, een mooie spirituele tekst!
    prachtig in kleur hier houd ik van.........
    wens je een mooie zondag!
    lieve groet

    Tammie,a beautiful spiritual text!
    Beautiful in color here i love .........
    Wish you a beautiful sunday!
    with kind regards

  10. Now with colours, that means with full emotions, visible for me in my special situation longing for some eternal consolation coming from this telling tree, telling artist Tammie! Today I lost a young dove, we put her at the feet under the earth beside a tree....

  11. This is just beautiful. The art and the words make a lovely combination.

  12. Wonderful art! Love the details. :)

  13. So enchanting :-)

  14. WOW! Such a touching story to go with your sweet art ♥ You've made my heart smile today.

  15. I just posted my color version. I think I like yours better because it has more textures and I do like real paint. If I would to color this using real paint, the result would be a bit messy, if not, I might have worn out the paper. I really like the tree and the little details - the swirls and lines and pattern. thank you for letting me color your art.

    have a lovely day.

  16. Beautiful .... the words as well as the image ... ♥

  17. This is absolutely darling! Love your art and the text. Just amazing. :)

  18. I loved your painting and then loved all the words ..... "the lion that napped in its branches", "the insects that live in its bark", this is a masterpiece of nature and watercolour.

  19. Lovely words to go with your painting. The Oak is such a powerful symbol. Beautifully drawn and I spotted the single acorn

  20. Beautiful in every way.🌞 One of my favorite sketches here to date Tammie, very original.🌼

  21. This is truly beautiful Tammie .... words and image.

    Happy May!

  22. Tammie,
    Love this coloured! Great shading and depth in the grass. i found this because Lissa coloured your pencil sketch.


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