Mar 31, 2017

Little Sailboat

the wind arrived
filling the sail and stirring the sea
it nearly felt as though the little boat took flight


yesterday my friends took me to 
Garden of a Thousand Buddhas
here in Montana
it was a gray day
the prayer flags were dancing wildly
sending prayers into the heavens

it seemed perfect to share this photo
with the little boat whose sail is also full of wind
now I think of the little flags on the boat as prayer flags

sharing with PPF



  1. what a really lovely post. beautiful art and prayer flag photo. happy PPF!

  2. Love the ship and the prayer flags are a wonderful sight. Happy PPF, Valerie

  3. What a gorgeous little boat and how wonderful to see the prayer flag fluttering away.
    Happy PPF

  4. What a sweet little boat painting Tammie Lee, I can feel the joy in your paintings :)

  5. Anonymous3/31/2017

    gorgeous art and words.

  6. An amazing painting and the photo is gorgeous!

  7. Nice boat painting.

  8. Lovely artwork, and beautiful words to compliment it.

  9. Beautiful artwork and such a lovely thought about the flags being prayer flags! I have always loved the thought of prayers being channeled by the wind...a lovely concept~
    Happy PPF!!!

  10. Love your boat piece!

  11. What a sweet boat and I love your story, too.

  12. Another super little boat. Is that a green stitched patch I see? The photo of the prayer flags is so colourful and full of life. I had prayer flags in my last garden, this has reminded me to get some made for my new garden

  13. Adorable sailboat!!Such a fun style of artwork! Sounds like you have wonderful friends and a great time was had by all!! I could see this wonderful piece in a children story book!!

    Hugs Giggles

  14. What a lovely thought: a little boat with prayer flags ...

  15. Love your painting, Tammy! Beautiful! And what a wonderful place to visit! ❤

  16. Lovely painting and cheerful place to visit.
    Happy PPF xx

  17. How delightful! Your painting is so sweet, and all those flags in the wind do make a great photo :D)

  18. Ha Tammie
    een mooie dag met vrienden in de tuin van de Boeddha
    jammer dat er geen zon was.
    mooi gebedsvlaggen,het gebed naar de hemel sturen.
    Een mooie kleine zeilboot,zo kwetsbaar op de wilde zee. 
    wens je een mooi weekend!
    groetjes Christiene.

    a beautiful day with friends in the Buddha garden
    shame there was no sun.
    beautiful prayer flags, sending prayers to heaven.
    A pretty little sailboat, so vulnerable in the wild sea.
    wish you a nice weekend!
    Greetings Christiene.

  19. What a beautiful boat! I love it so much. The flags are very pretty too.

  20. I love both! The colorful flags against the gray sky, the boat holding its own in the wind. Lovely and cheerful.

  21. Anonymous4/01/2017

    Express your posting from this encounter!
    You are painting so wonderful and this photo shows how impressive it was!
    Happy Day

  22. Your little boat is sailing fast.
    It looks like your textile boat.
    I love this painting.

  23. Your art is lovely and the photo of he prayer flags is beautiful.

  24. The sailboat in a stormy sea seems fitting for the era the U.S. has entered. Wonderful illustration.

  25. Beautiful work! I have never seen so many flags for prayers! I love your sail boat painting. Congrats on getting picked as the artist of the week on PPF.

  26. Prayer flags are so inspiring. Luv your lil sailboat.

    Happy PPF
    Happy you dropped in to see mine

    much love...

  27. I love that connection between your boat and the prayer flags, what an idea! :)


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