Dec 8, 2016

Feeling Winter in the Air

I did this ink drawing in autumn
(decided to paint her yesterday)
it is certainly winter here
was -17F/-5C last night
ice on the inside of my cabin windows this morning
Sure is pretty out!

I have been enjoying my snowy paths

lovely crystals that thrive and grow in this weather



  1. That is so pretty indeed. We don't get snow here, I'm not sure if I envy you or not.

    1. If one is dressed for the weather it is lovely. But some people are not cold weather people.

  2. She is so very lovely, Tammie. A Christmas card, perhaps? A lovely one, either way. I know you live in a winter wonderland. We're getting snow here and more to come so we might join you but somehow I don't think my city street will be so picturesque!

    1. Thank you Jeanie.
      Cities are different than the country side. Both have their charm.

  3. She is so gorgeous and full of wisdom and beauty!She reminds me of a powerful-solitary soul that people would seek out for guidance! Oh lovely wintery pictures..beautiful!
    have a magical day

    1. Thank you for your perception Victoria, that is perfect. The words would not come to me this time.
      Lovely days and nights to you~

  4. nice to go back and paint an older drawing.. I love her even more in colour. those trees, and the delicate ice.. so beautiful.

    1. Hi Sue,
      Yes, I have some other drawings I might paint, a fun thing to do. Not sure why but no new drawings are coming to me right now.
      The trees really are lovely cloaked in snow. A new season for sure. Odd to think that no new plants will be growing for months.

  5. How lovely she is! And the plump little mushrooms look like her secret guardians. :) The snow is mighty pretty. But oh my goodness, 17 below?! And ice on the INSIDE??!! My teeth are chattering already. If I can send you a thousand hugs to help you stay warm, I will. xoxo

    1. Thank you Bella,

      Secret guardians, I like that.
      Yes 17F below is super cold. If you have moisture in your nose, and we should have ;-) it freezes. And well, one shouldn't be out there long. I know, ice inside the windows! But still the wee cabin is warm with the wood stove going. Thank you for a thousand hugs!

  6. Bonsoir chère amie,

    Vos dessins sont toujours un tel bonheur à admirer... J'aime cette belle famille de champignons qui accompagne cette belle demoiselle qui a les yeux remplis d'étoiles. Très intéressant, ce grand bâton de randonnée... Une sacrée baguette magique !!
    Merci de partager avec nous tes sublimes photos hivernales... Les cristaux, que du bonheur !

    Gros bisous à toi

  7. Beautiful winterforest! You are right:"If one is dressed for the weather it is lovely. But some people are not cold weather people".

    Here we had also deep degrees, to, but since today it's around zero. The hens were standing on one foot and chanced their feet, because of the frozen cold earth. Thanks goodness we have a fine flowing well at the ranch.

    I like you winter-fee very much! She is dressed in a nice green shawl and has a glittering star-halo! Hope she will stay with us for a quite good time!

  8. she looks contemplative. As if she's wondering whether she likes this cold ;-) It sure is pretty in those woods of yours ....

  9. She is beautiful and wise. I love those thick snow covered trees and pathway, a true Winter's delight, enjoy!

  10. sweet drawing. such a beautiful scenery, a nice reminder of nature's beauty.

    have a lovely day.

  11. Ha Tammie ,
    prachtig  deze dame,warm aangekleed,mooie kleuren heb je geschilderd.
    het is echt winter daar bij jou, dat geeft mooie winterse plaatjes.
    prachtig winters stilleven........
    groetjes Christiene.

    Ha Tammie,
    this beautiful lady, dressed warmly, beautiful colors you have painted.
    it really is winter there with you, that gives beautiful winter pictures.
    beautiful winter still life ........
    Greetings Christiene.


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