Apr 19, 2016


in her sleep
day or night
she always had a crown upon her head
a star at her heart
a deep sense of care 
for all the peoples of the world
as well as the life in the stones, stars, trees and creatures
for that is the duty of royalty



  1. The crown is a sign, a good one at that. Well written piece and thanks for sharing!

  2. She does look regal. The star at her heart is a good thought. Bit uncomfortable Sleeping with a crown upon ones head though.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I can see that I could have worded that better.
      I was thinking: something symbolic, more than the actually crown, what the crown stands for.
      I often do that, write in a way that does not make good sense...... Really could have re-read that before i posted it. ;-)

  3. She is beautiful, and we need such people in the real world with a sense of responsibility for fellow people and the world we live in. Hugs, Valerie

    1. I so agree, we need caring people.
      I feel with all politicians their first consideration, rule, duty should be to caring for all life.
      But it has become a business and greed plays a big part and that really shows in the state of our world. Sad and simply wrong way to support vitality and inspiring people to be the lovely beings they are capable of.

  4. Wonderful, true, blessed!

    She is blessed and she is a blessing!

  5. This reminds me of Queen Elizabeth -- 90 on Thursday!

  6. Ha Tammie a beautiful text!
    a good sense of all the peoples of the world
    the drawing confirmed the good heart.
    Wish you a good weekend Tammie.
    dear greeting Christiene.

    Ha Tammie een mooie tekst !
    een goed gevoel voor alle volkeren van de wereld
    de tekening bevestigd het goede hart.
    Wens je een goed weekend Tammie.
    lieve groet Christiene.

  7. Beautifully drawn and colored. I love the nuances of color in her hair and the deepness of her eyes.

  8. Elegant and regal. She has gorgeous shading, and I love how deep her eyes are. I think her loving heart makes her all the more beautiful.


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