Oct 10, 2015

InkTober #10, Autumn Sprite

so interesting to do an ink drawing every day
I am inspired and just need to draw
other days
i sit and think
what can i draw
this is the answer to this question today

an autumn Sprite



  1. Anonymous10/10/2015

    A wonderful picture, a good answer to your question.
    I love autumn and this drawing is great.
    A kiss dear friend!

  2. She looks like she's enjoying the falling leaves...

  3. I know someone who looks just like this :-)

  4. Her skirt with her legs and the mushroom are twins :)

    She is so friendly together with her natural friends.

  5. A very glamorous sprite. I really like you ink drawings. Jx

  6. inspired or not, you always draw something interesting, to me at least.

    cute hair! I like her freckles a lot.

    hope you have a lovely day.

  7. Now this looks like an older sprite, and you've given her an unusual hairdo.
    The tree stump looks alive.
    You draw stories.

  8. Tammie Ha, a beautiful drawing autumn !!
    fine work with the pen tool, you create beautiful works of art.
    I myself also like to work with pen and ink .....
    liked to see!
    Love greeting Christiene.

    Ha Tammie,een prachtige tekening de herfst!!
    fijn werk met de pen tekenen ,je maakt mooie kunstwerkjes.
    Ik zelf werk ook graag met pen en inkt.....
    graag gezien!
    Liefs groet Christiene.

  9. As I scroll down to see your drawings, the smile on my face grows bigger and bigger. I absolutely adore pen and ink! These are wonderful and oh so lovely. I wish I could have been by more frequently, but my computer broke and I am still restoring files. It's nice to take a break and see your beautiful art. :)

  10. Another atmospheric drawing, lovely. Really says Autumn. Like the freckles.


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