May 10, 2015


she looked
into their eyes
with calm in her heart
willing to simply be with them

i found this budding beauty 
rising from a mound of moss
at the base of an abundant waterfall

i see tender attention
loving protection
reminiscent  of two lovers, caring friends
or mother and child

i have no idea what plant it is
i see new life
and beauty

Happy Mother's Day



  1. Oh the text!!

    shining eyes
    blessed plant by being found

  2. she looks very calm and serene to me. And I love the picture of the budding beauty: reminds me a bit of hands offering protection and tenderness...

  3. Ha Tammie a beautiful lady with a striking face !!
    beautiful colors.
    The photo with some imagination, yes it looks like mother and child
    I wish you a nice day and a lot of beautiful things in your path!
    Kind regards Christiene.

    Ha Tammie ,een mooie dame met een sprekend gezicht !!
    mooie kleuren.
    De foto met een beetje fantasie, ja, het lijkt erop dat de moeder en kind
    Ik wens u een mooie dag en een heleboel mooie dingen op je pad!
    Met vriendelijke groet Christiene.

  4. beautiful plant Tammie.....I can comment...I tweaked something, heaven knows what!! I hope you had a beautiful Mothers Day x

  5. She has such lovely kind eyes,you have such a remarkable painting skill. I love her cloud of purple pink hair too.

  6. The painting and the photo and the words ... so lovely, all of it!

  7. BEAUTY FLOWS here, is RIGHT! I LOVE how you painted her hair behind her ear. and the plant is so intriguingly GORGEOUS!

  8. Dear Tammie,

    Your drawn souls in the space of peace and balance, energy and purity also are a treasure and make me good sleeping in the night with friendly stars!

    The idea to visit your blog was from amazing wonderful artist Ramona Felse!

  9. How lovely this post is! What a gorgeous painting and poem and how beautiful that image is!

  10. now that is a really nice face to look at. love her pink hair.

    hope you have a lovely day.


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