Aug 22, 2014

Flourish of Gold Velvet

this week it was time
to make a curtain for my bedroom window

it was fun to see it come to life
just like my drawings do

first a gorgeous velvet skirt i rarely wear for the fabric
later this handmade elephant ribbon i have carried around for at least 15 years
then the drawn up gathers

accents of quartz crystal and freshwater pearls between each wave

like a dance it came together

 i went berry picking in the forest:



what have you been up to?
sharing with Roses'
August heART


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  2. Oh Tammie, it is just beautiful!!

  3. Love it! It's rich and unique. Also, the picture you took of it outdoor is great and unexpected, like if it were part of an elven home...I haven't been doing anything remotely artistic this summer...too tired and busy "cooking" another baby...;)

    1. oh my goodness, another baby ~
      when are you due?
      I wish you days and nights that feel lovely to you.
      may endless blessings sprinkle down on your family.

      so lovely to hear from you!

      I photographed the curtain outside because my bedroom is in the loft and it is kind of dark a bit of a cave, perfect for sleeping but not for photography
      i like what you said about the curtain outside
      a window into another realm

  4. Oh, Tammie ~ this is BEAUtiful and such a wonderful act of up-cycling!
    Nicely done.
    And gorgeous too.

    1. yes, fun to up-cycle and to use things i have that have been sitting around ;-)
      thank you Rose!

  5. Oh Tammie I love the curtain!!! It's even more special that you used items from your life that had meaning. The elephant ribbon is so unique and beautiful I would have saved it for that special project too. SO in love with it and those berries look super good :)

    1. Hi Carol,

      I agree, i love that the components have meaning to me
      When i left California to travel parts of the world and then landed in Montana years later choosing to call it home, well i got rid of a LOT of THINGS
      it is nice to use the ones i have been toting around
      simplifying my home does not come naturally
      but the older i get the more i want to have less, less to care for, clean, move around etc
      so slowly i am learning

      thank you for loving the curtain, that makes me smile
      sweet weekend to you and all ~

  6. That is beautiful Tammy! It will be perfect for your home!

  7. You did good hand-work, Tammie!
    All these berries you were picking in the forest? You are a good hunter :)

    1. you make me smile Dori, a good hunter/gatherer.

  8. Gorgeous! What an inspired way to repurpose a skirt you would otherwise rarely wear. And after all that creative effort, so glad you had some delicious berries to enjoy!

  9. Everything about this post is completely delicious!

  10. Oh, you creative girl!!!! I LOVE this--this is so something I would do. What do they call it these days? Re-purposing?! lol ((hugs)) Your new curtain fills my eyes to the brim. (I do want to eat some of those berries...just sayin'!) :D Have a lovely weekend, my sweet Friend.

  11. Ha Tammie, what to reuse a special beautiful fabric and beautiful colors as it suits the outdoor living.
    you are a real outdoors woman.
    Greetings from the countryside

    Ha Tammie,wat een bijzondere mooi de stof te hergebruiken,mooie kleuren zo als het past bij het buiten wonen.
    je bent een echte buitenvrouw.
    Groeten van het platte land

  12. Your curtain looks great! So wonderful to have a story behind each part of the curtain :-)

  13. that is such an amazing curtain!! So rich and opulent, could be straight out of the palace of Versailles!

    1. thank you Karen! I finally hung it in my bedroom and the morning light through the golden velvet is a glorious sight!

  14. love the curtain and how your repurposed pieces to make it. And what fun to gather wild fruits! They look so delicious.


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