Dec 5, 2012

Harry Potter and the Elf at the Post Office

at the post office
there he was
a unique individual
minding his own
as though he lived
in a world all his own

an elf!

I just had to sketch him!

I Won!!!

Look at how beautifully the package arrived! (above)

Erin made a fabulous wonderful magical 
Harry Potter!

(the colors of this photograph does not do him justice)

still, he is so adorable! 
he is leaning up against my magic ink pen journal

some how, i feel that
 Harry Potter, movies and books

have shown us that the people of our world love magic

how wonderful
because i feel that magic is swirled into each breath
if we allow it 


adendum: i have not read the Harry Potter Books
but have enjoyed the movies!


  1. Anonymous12/05/2012 a sense... is the creation of something new... whereas... a miracle is the completion and letting go of something old...

  2. J'adore votre petit lutin... Magnifique !

    Quel joli présent que vous venez de recevoir !...

    Gros bisous.

  3. haha that elf looks a little mischievous! I wonder what he is up to! I wonder what it is he is sending too...

  4. Blue eyed elf, love his booties! :)
    Congrats on your fine win!

  5. Your little elf is the sweetest Tammie... and congratulations on your win... absolutely adorable...

    Jenny ♥

  6. AW..I am smitten with your fabulous Elf..he is a his striped blue hat..that blue is magnificent..and i also love the green mound he stands upon..the various shades of greens-yellow-greens is awesome! Beautiful!
    and yay..what a beautiful gift to receive, what a wonderful artist..I'll check out the blog..thanks Tammie!

  7. Hi , i found your via the fabulous Secret Hermit,
    Love your art and that Elf ! :)

  8. He sure is an adorable creation.

    blessings and hugs Sharon

  9. I wish I'd seen an elf at the Post Office, it would have cheered up the very long queue in there! ;)
    That's a cute Harry Potter, I'll go and check out her blog now, thanks for sharing.
    Jess x

  10. 2reallyvgreat artists in this posr!!!

  11. This is so cute! Harry Potter guy is adorable.

  12. Wowoowo..soo pretty!!♥♥♥

  13. Oh MY! An elf at the post office! Making some early deliveries, I suppose. He's adorable! Nice calves. :)

    And a wee Harry Potter with posable limbs. How utterly wonderful!

  14. Such a charming elf, and so fun you saw him at the post office and drew him! got him painted also! :)

    Congrats with your mr harry potter, he is lovely as well! :)

  15. Wow, what a find. To see such a handsome elf at the post office. I love how he's coloured matched so well...and brilliantly captured by your wonderful hand. So charming. <3

    *Le Gasp* Yayyyy!! Harry is with you now!! I was wondering, and then I saw this.*blush* He looks so cute the way you have him posed and it fills me with joy to know how happy you are at reciving him. xoxox ^_^

  16. i thought that elf looked familiar. i'm at the PO at least 2X a week...and through the corner of my eye...a fleeting glance...i can catch him dancing across the counter.
    you have certainly done him justice Tammie!! =)

    and congrats on your win...cute wide eyed Potter will be happy to keep his eye on your sketch book. surround yourself in magic!!

    happy sunday!

  17. I am captivated by the journal.. don't get me wrong, I like the art, but THAT book has me salivating. I am obsessed with beautiful blank books.

  18. Anonymous12/10/2012

    What a treat to see an elf out & about running errands - I love it when that happens...& huge congratulations on winning Harry Potter, he is just darling!!

    ps, I have only seen the movies too ;-)

  19. Your elf....I love your elf!

    When my youngest son was young we tried reading the Harry Potter books together, but only made it through two. But we did love to read of a good game of Quidditch!

  20. Oh dear Tammie, today is my birthday and today your absolutely beautiful card arrived. I find nothing more special and uplifting than a surprise hand written card/letter arriving in the post. Your artwork is so special, and the card you chose to send me just perfect, so me! Especially with the whale's tail... I've been dreaming often about whales lately!
    Thank you Tammie, that meant so much to me, it really did.
    Much love to you beautiful lady.

  21. p.s I love the elf you have drawn here...
    and the envelope you posted the card in was so great! My girls loved it too.

  22. lucky you....your win is gorgeous! an early Christmas gift.....

  23. Congratulations on your win! That's really cool.


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