Sep 28, 2012

face 28

he rose from the page of a book
ready to live life in the outer world
a bit timid
yet full of curiosity
he was born

I had to give Lynne Hoppe's technique another try
it is fun to blend different materials together
thank you Lynne xo

usually watercolors on untreated paper would make the paper wavy
but putting watercolors straight from the tube on top of oil pastels
or even straight on the paper as in his hair and the page of the book remained nice
love that!


streets have organic paths
no straight streets and alleyways
Face 28 of 29 Faces


  1. Anonymous9/28/2012

    I love this one! And, like that you explain how you made it. I am learning a lot from you, Tammie.

  2. ...a beautiful blossoming boy-child!...(:

  3. Tammy, I like the idea of painting on the pages of a book and the look of this. I rarely have time to try new art techniques, so I will live vicariously through your many experiments! Looks like you had a marvelous trip. Maybe you are still in Italy?

  4. Lovely painting as always. Thank you for sharing on your blog!!

  5. like the green hair! looks like a pixie/elfin person!

  6. Wow that is good to know (as I've made many papers wavy by forgetting I can't just dump watercolors on them.) Also, great face and I like the green hair too.

  7. What a beautiful being..truly stunning..and deeply peaceful! and the photo!

  8. Mossy green hair, very loevely! :)

    and the streets or paaths look exciting! :)

  9. gosh i just love this, tammie... xoxo


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