Sep 13, 2012

Nine Faces Emerge

opening to the hidden faces
rising from the textured background of these pages
i feel intrigue
a bit of surprise
included is delight


if you read my last post:
i took a Moleskine Art Journal to Italy
was greatly disappointed in the quality of the pages
yet the pages i had prepared with gesso
held up fine to water techniques, like the one above

also I am sharing two frescoes I photographed in Italy:


Joining 29 faces late
creating art was abundant while in Italy
so i have lots to share

the top piece has 9 faces
the post before; one
so in joining i share ten faces ....

I found that nine faces.... took quite some time to create
Lovely Thursday and beyond to you~


  1. beautiful...all these gorgeous faces each hold their own unique essence..totally divine! Beautifully done! and oh yay..gorgeous photos from Italia! Thankyou!
    HUgs and thankyou again, hope you got my email!

  2. oh, I really love this! All the different faces, but still connected by the background. Love the muted colours too! Beautiful.

  3. Beautiful paining of nine faces and beautiful frescoes!

  4. Hello Tammie and welcome to another challenge. Love the idea of merging 9 faces togeter like that, really beautiful, I look forward to seeing your work to come

  5. what a great way to express creativity...with all of the faces. so cool to see all you dreamed up!

  6. So glad you joined in!!! Love your multi-faced painting and your first one was grand too. :Love all of your Italy shots too.

  7. you went to Italy? How exciting!!

  8. Anonymous9/13/2012

    These are lovely. I am such a beginner that I didn't even know you had to treat the pages. Oh well, live and learn!

  9. Hi Sandy,

    you don't have to treat paper, but it does give interesting effects. But if we are working on a very porous surface that will warp with water or wet supplies, or in the case of wood - absorb the paint that is suppose to stay on the surface then we must treat the surface. Imagine a canvas that is prepared when bought... it looks like it has white paint on it. That is so that the paint does not spread into the canvas. It is endless what we can do in art. If you have any questions I will do my best to answer.

  10. Oh yes. I don't like moleskine sketchbooks for painting at all. Paper tares so easily. But I do love their watercolor moleskine. Gorgeous faces emerged. :)Love seeing the photos you took in Italy. :)

  11. Those frescoes are fabulous. I adore viewing art from other countries...just amazing. I love your montage of faces...I can imagine that it did take awhile to finish. But the end result is well worth it!

  12. Very lovely fresco-esque look to your sketch book. All the faces emerging and receding.


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