Sep 20, 2012

She Dreamt of Stars

she dreamt of stars and far off lands
bathed in the light of the sun
her spirit smiled
her breath calmed
as the night danced on and on

face #18
 i actually drew this piece when i was not sleeping well
for me it is calm and lovely
completely opposite of my sleep


  1. She's gorgeous and calming and I readily identify with her and your poetic words flowing...

    Love and Blessings Tammie!

  2. Dear Tammy Lee,

    Your world is FABULOUS......Thank you for coming to visit me today and I must tell you that your musings and drawings remind me of darling blogger friend named EDEN CLARE from Artful Fairytales and Poetic Artistry:

    SHE IS MARVELOUS. GO see her blog....very much like yours. She and some other artists are part of a team of artists who put together an art and prayer journal and now it will be going off to Stampington!

    Inspire and SOAR!!! Lovely drawings! Anita

  3. Anonymous9/20/2012

    you whooo...tammy...your art is pretty special fun we have discovered one another...xoxo

  4. She does look very peaceful Tammie, I love the way you have drawn the dream in her hair and the words are just beautiful.

  5. So nice to meet you Tammie.. I really love your work.. You have a beautiful style.. Thank you so much for your visit and kind words. I am so happy you came by because now I have found you. I am a new reader of your blog..

  6. Fantastic! I can see she is having the beuty of sleep.. and I hope you had yours as well after having drawn this lovely piece :))

  7. Blissful..beautiful and so special to create while on your trip in an ancient land! powerful!!

  8. she looks very relaxed and has an air of calm about her....


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