Sep 27, 2012

Lake Garda, Italia

The colors of Lake Garda constantly change
sometimes a silvery blue
sometimes aqua green
this morning laying beneath cloud cover
i found the lake a mellow brown
one day
the wind stirred the water in a mighty way
waves so large Garda looked like a sea
the mutable nature of water
exquisite to behold
earlier this month:
Lake Garda, Italy

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  1. Love the Eyes :)
    The Lake Garda looks beautiful!


  2. Anonymous9/27/2012

    She is Italian? Another beauty, for sure. The lake is nice. It must be very large, it looks like an ocean.

  3. what a beautiful post. I was reading in your profile that you live in a cabin surrounded by woods and widlife, i can’t think of anything more beautiful…
    love that photo of Lake Garda, with those clouds hanging low...

  4. Luscious Lips! I love the way you do lips! Oh and the lake is gorgeous too.

  5. ...sO very beautiful! ~ thankyoU for sharing this joy!...(:

  6. Wow, just a few more to go! Great job. And lovely photo of a beautiful sky.

  7. Great pics; lovely lake Garda impression.

    Great blog as well, Following on GFC.


    My Bathroom Is My Castle – Beauty Blog

  8. Anonymous9/28/2012

    Oh Tammie!! So many brilliant creations since my last visit!! I was so excited to be here this morning, as one of the 1st things I did today.

    Thank-you for filling my day with shared visiions of Fae, Angels & otherworldly beings... & peeks of Italia - you, my dear, are truly gifted ;-)

  9. I love the blue of the water and to be close to it! Lake garda looks beautiful and so does your lovely blog. :)
    Jess xx

  10. thanks for your comment! love your blog- am following but not sure if it shows up (my blogger account is all messed up) i went to lake garda too a few years ago, it was so beautiful!

  11. Beautiful..she is bewildering! Both art and image.. stellar and gorgeous!!


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