Sep 15, 2012

Red Hair Emerald Eyes

faces are a joy to create
soothing to create
interesting to create
her face is made with colored pencils
hair with watercolors

today i drove north and saw the Kokanee Salmon swimming upstream
beautiful red orange amongst the rocks and water
light and sunshine
 such a delight!

joining: 29 Faces
* face #13  of 29


  1. Wow! What beautiful green eyes and fabulous red hair

  2. I have always loved green eyes and red hair so you know I love this little treasure.

    You are good at drawing faces, not everyone is.

    great job Tammie Lee
    Happy Weekend to you.

    hugs and blessings Sharon

  3. Lovely green eyes and those fishes over those stones look amazing...

  4. Tammie...I love this lovely goddess of the red hair and green eyes! :) You make creating look so easy.

    The salmon and rocks and the beautiful colors really are outstanding. Great Photo!!!

    Have a Wonderful Weekend Dear One!

  5. Anonymous9/15/2012

    This lady looks like one of my sisters!

    I thought Maine had clear water, but Montana has us beat.

  6. She is beautiful Tammie... I love her green eyes against her lovely red hair... and your photo is amazing...

    Jenny x

  7. Anonymous9/15/2012

    Just lovely.

  8. Beautiful! She looks so toughtful and calm!
    Those fishes are spectacular!

  9. I read that redheads,, the pure redheads, not from a bottle, will become extinct someday. I hope not! They had a redhead convention somewhere in Europe last month, I think it was either Ireland or Switzerland.

  10. whoa; extinct!!
    I hope not. My mom is a true red head. I have the red head complexion, but blonde hair not her beautiful red. I had no idea there was a convention.

  11. I really like the way you made your green eyes sparkle with the light. Amazingly clear water, beautiful colours!

  12. Her green eyes are paired so beautifully with her flaming red hair! What a wonderful photo of the salmon...such a magical sight!

  13. Love her! Her personality shines through. Very neat photograph.

  14. Lovely! Yes, I can't get enough of drawing faces either. Seeing them come alive before your eyes is kinda magic I think. That picture of these fish is amazing! Such clear water, wow!

  15. She is brilliant, I love the red color and the light in the piece of art! and the exciting soft background.

    Oh so many posts, I haven't seen them, and I was a little absent of commenting the last days..

    the light in the photo with fish and stones is also brilliant, absolutely! :)

    and many lovely pieces of art you've made below and photos, now I've seen them all - and I enjoyed each and one! :)

    thanks for sharing! :)


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