Jul 3, 2020

Bird Tales

She listened
as the wee bird told stories from the forest

stories of the fawn that pranced through
and where the mushrooms grew

the bird told about the squirrel that stole the swallows eggs
about the snail eggs that were growing along the waters edge

It sang from dawn to dusk
about the life its lived and things its seen

I have been drawing birds on hands for years
I wonder if doing so is what inspired this
interaction to actually happen?!

It is a sweet sharing, makes my heart sing.

I take it quite seriously, like caring for a pet.
I do not walk out the door without a pouch of seed on me.
It is not a good feeling when the little feathered friends land on a branch next to me
making their teeny sound which mean:
seed please
Then patiently waits for me to pull seed out of the pouch and it then descends to my finger tips

wishing you magic in your days and in your dreams

Jun 20, 2020

Lovely Summer Solstice to You!

Tis the season
of mushrooms and flowers

Rain is falling which inspires mushrooms to grow.
A cool beginning to summer. 

Lovely Solstice to you and yours!



Jun 6, 2020


Last night on facebook there was a live class for these two paintings. 
It was fun and you might enjoy taking it too. 
It won't be live, but you can watch the video on her page.

It is through Sacramento Art Classes

she had us working on two paintings at once
so that one could dry as we worked on the other one

Lovely weekend to you!


May 29, 2020

Sketchbook Art

Sometimes I pick up an old sketchbook 
finding pencil sketches begun,  
and I breathe new life into them
then paint

there is something satisfying about finishing pieces

Wishing you a lovely spring day 


May 22, 2020

Magic of Life

as he leaned against the tree
as though it was part of his body

toes outstretched 
supported by earths boulder

he reached 
for the spheres 

the colorful spheres of energy

knowing they were gifts to behold
partake in

the magic of life


May 10, 2020

Something has her attention

something has her attention
maybe a wild orchid?:

 So lovely to have flowers blooming!
This is a calypso orchid
commonly called a fairy slipper

quite similar to a lady slipper but about half the size 
and different coloring.



Apr 25, 2020

Dragon Kin

oh to fly
through the skies
by the wings of a friend


I have been doing my 100 day challenge. 
At least my allotted ten minutes a day
which can lead to an hour or three

Since I usually do not think a piece through in advance
this one was a bit of a challenge to breathe 
life into. 
Lots of staring at it, waiting for the next step to come to me. 


Apr 14, 2020

Long Sleeves

she likes her sleeves long
so do I


I am happy to say I have been doing my ten minutes of art every day
and usually an hour to three hours

yay, this 100 day committment has inspired me

wishing you inspiration!


Apr 12, 2020

Friendly Dragon

my dragon is donning his colors

I think he likes what he sees.....

Lovely day and beyond to you!


Apr 7, 2020

100 Day Project

Hi Blog friends, 
I have decided to do:
The 100 Day Project

I wanted to challenge myself to get back into doing regular art. 
Even if it is just ten minutes a day.
I know that once I do ten minutes, there is a good chance it will last much longer. 
Ten minutes seems enticing, do-able too.

I won't post every day, or at least I doubt I will. 
This drawing is my start, next is to paint it. 
It is in a small sketch book.

There is also a poem I wrote about fairies that I want to illustrate and have for sale during this 100 days. 
Part of me telling you, is to say it out loud, to help hold myself to this challenge. 

Are you doing this challenge?
If so, what will you be doing?
Photography, cooking, writing, working out, art?

Seems like a good time, while so many of us are home. 
I hope this finds you well and wish you moments in all your days that make you smile. 


Apr 4, 2020

Little Missy

Little missy has a lot to say

If you enjoy people watching she would be entertaining 

Sometimes doing a small piece is a great way to get my rhythm going. 

This one is in the shop: Beauty Flows

Apr 2, 2020

Blue Spirulina

I found this little sketch and thought wow, was I predicting the future?
at home
in her boat

recently I spilled a little blue spirulina powder
such a gorgeous color. 
I wondered if I could paint with it, added water and it is the deep blue color in this painting. 
Pretty color, but not one I consider using often.
fun to play with making paint. 

Here is the spiralina paint in the paint palette. 

Spirulina is a algae that is high in many nutrients.

alone with nature

Mar 7, 2020

Soothing Waters

sitting down
and painting something simple
inspires a rewarding and peaceful feeling

this painting did that for me
(it is in the shop for a reasonable price)

Lovely weekend to you!


Feb 26, 2020

Watercolor Chart

I used 3 tubes of paint
one yellow
one red
one blue
all Daniel Smith

I taped down cheap washi tape from the dollar store
(use good tape! It kept peeling off)
the squares are about 3/4" with thin tape between

I labeled my colors along the top 
one side
next began mixing colors

then the color mixing began
painting in the squares

Above is the finished piece before I peeled the tape off.

It might have taken a couple of hours.

I find the amount of colors
144 amazingly beautiful 
thrilling to consider they came from three
primary colors!

Now I have a chart to choose colors from
as well
an idea as to how to make them again>

Thank you The Watercolour Academy for showing me how to go 
about this!

(Emma offers these lessons free!)

Feb 1, 2020

Dreaming of Spring

this is what showed up while sketching
I wondered..... what is going on here

a snowshoe hare turn white in winter 
browns the rest of the year

a winter rabbit in a spring/summer setting?

I believe this hare is dreaming of spring

today we are half way through winter
the days are noticeably longer
the birds stay out and busy a bit longer in the day

Life is full of changes

this is how it was before I painted it
Lovely Imbolc to one and all