Sep 5, 2012

Ciao from Italy~

I am visiting my sister and family in Italia

I love the frescoes on the buildings!

 I also love making art with my niece Sofia
maybe she will let me share her art in another post ~

for now I will share the art I find on buildings here

the painting at the top of this post.... I did in a Moleskine journal
I use to LOVE Moleskine Sketch journals
I hear: the Italian's sold the company to China,
though the paper looks similar, it is garbage! 
Any wet art supply and it warps like a wave in a storm. 
I will not buy another journal from them unless the makers improve the paper!
I simply wanted to share with you my experience with the paper.

Ciao my lovely art friends

face one for 29 faces


  1. Ciao Tammie,
    Molto bello!
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday and give me a wave when you fly over on your return journey,
    Janice. xxxxxx

  2. Anonymous9/05/2012

    I can't wait to see the art your visit inspires!

  3. Anonymous9/05/2012

    I can't wait to see the art your visit inspires!

  4. Hurrah for you, Italy! I just got back from visiting my family in Colorado, Italy sounds a lot more interesting. I am betting you will come home with oodles of inspiration!

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  6. Oh Tammie, you're spot on! I used to love Moleskine as well, but I found out about the sale to China last year, well after I got terribly disappointed with it and started a war on them, only to find out that so many people were also leaving its fan club! They are now complete rubbish, and that is putting it mildly! Never again a Moleskine for me!

  7. Awesome photos! :) And your girl looks beautiful.

  8. Yay..gorgeous art..she is a stunning beauty with lots of gorgeous energies! and fabulous photos..wonderful!!

  9. Ciao,

    I love the colours you have used
    in this piece. I love pinks and greens meshing together.

    Those fresco's are amazing Tammie.
    Enjoy your visit with your sister.

    Waving goodbye
    hugs Sharon

  10. I love all this beautiful art on the OUTSIDE of these Italian bldgs. Wonderful.

    Sorry about the Moleskine sketch journals ... what happens when you sell a good thing to the Chinese.
    So many similar instances of low end crap coming from China.

    Ciao, bambino.

  11. ciao mia caro

    love to see this

  12. Stunning! Both your painting and the buildings! Glad to know you're staying creative over there! oxx

  13. The woman is lovely, the piece is so soft, and the woman looks full of life! :)
    I love to see your Italian frescoes on buildnings, I like the blue to the brown! :) similar to earth and sea :)

    Thanks for telling about moleskine sketch journals, it would be great fun to experiment with these journals one day.. :)

    Have fun! :)

    and a lovely day to you :)

  14. Anonymous9/07/2012

    Caro amico, l'Italia è il mondo dell'arte per eccellenza ...
    Duisfruta del vostro soggiorno, è bello vedere le vostre foto e pensare hai già idee per il tuo nuovo lavoro!

    Mille abbracci!

    Io amo questo paese!

  15. Anonymous9/07/2012

    Scusa ... mi sono emozionato e ho scritto in italiano!

    Sorry ... I got excited and wrote in Italian!

  16. I've always loved buildings that were covered in art like that! Sorry about the paper! I hate it when my favorite stuff changes quality like that!

  17. Anonymous9/09/2012

    Ciao Bella!!!

    Brilliant art & must be overflowing with inspiration in such a place!!

    So looking forward to your next posts ;-)

  18. So glad you are getting time to enjoy with your sister. Loving the photos. Enjoy.

  19. Gli affreschi are beautiful!

  20. Beautiful painting and photographs! Love Italy!

  21. loved seeing this virtual postcard! It is so annoying when the quality of things you use a lot suffers for whatever reason. Don't they understand that in the long run it will cost them money?

  22. Absolutely amazing photos! Hope you had a lovely time.


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