May 22, 2015

DC: Frida

thinking of Frida
feeling into the trials and joys of her life
roots and wings came to me
she painted her life
through roots and wings 
more than the conventional and expected ways

thank you Patrice
for hosting this week
and your wonderful prompt
Frida Kahlo

May 15, 2015

DC: Trickster

he seems like a charming young lad
yet consider that he is from the wee folk clan
if she accepts his gift
she'll be rushed to his native land
a trickster he is
not a bad sort at all
with glee in his heart
he hoped that she would follow him
to his tiny far off land

lovely and our generous host for drawing challenge
has offered: trickster 
for our challenge

thank you Veronica

visit her blog to find other wonderful
trickster arts

May 13, 2015

Yellows and Violet or Yellow Violet

these two have something in common

loving spring
wandering through the woods
once in a while
eating a violet

May 10, 2015


she looked
into their eyes
with calm in her heart
willing to simply be with them

i found this budding beauty 
rising from a mound of moss
at the base of an abundant waterfall

i see tender attention
loving protection
reminiscent  of two lovers, caring friends
or mother and child

i have no idea what plant it is
i see new life
and beauty

Happy Mother's Day


May 9, 2015

Lovely in Teal

I find it calming and nurturing 
to sit in the evening
dream up faces on paper

also a joy to watch our little red squirrels 
busy as can be

lovely weekend to you

May 5, 2015

More Stars and Goslings

she came to our realm 
to shower us with lively energy
offer us stars


last week
i had visitors at my ponds!
 6 goslings, so very cute!


May 4, 2015

Playing with Paper and Design

I am taking Karen Ruane's Class:

creating design and changing it 
then rearranging it
and so on

the top piece is the original
then i drew the piece below
cutting out the trees and stars and planets

placed one of my paintings behind it, just to see

then did the
piece below with the same cut out

playing with holes:

lots of good fun