Mar 31, 2015

Aqua and a new winner of the Pencil Sharpener

there is a new winner of the:
Congratulations Bella!

I would love this chair in my wee cabin.
The seat is large enough that one could sit cross legged in it too.

small watercolors
4x5 inches

Mar 29, 2015


little gal

looks like i am leaning towards peachy oranges with these two

Mar 27, 2015

DC: Pollinators aka: Gold Dusters

butterfly fae
spreads pollen where ever she may

my friend and i built a bee nesting house this week

our native Mason Bees do not drill holes

they look for ones made by other critters

so hopefully they will lay their eggs in these holes

line them with pollen and seal them with mud and leaves

and next year new bees will emerge and begin anew

you can learn more about bee houses:
here, here and here
with Spring doing the tango with winters end
i find myself thinking of the beings that pollinate our flowers
enabling our foods to flourish and then feed us

an interesting National Geographic article: Gold Dusters

visit the lovely people below this weekend 
to enjoy what they have shared:

if i left anyone off the list, let me know

Mar 24, 2015

Roads of Montana

Taking Daniel Donaldson's class:

I am watching her lessons on perspective and these two pieces came to life,

they remind me of my home state Montana so much! 

Mar 22, 2015

Next Weekends DC: Pollinators

tears of honey

With Spring here on this side of the earth
it is a great time to consider: 'Pollinators

Droege said “Almost all the fruits and nuts, and a lot of the vegetable varieties, that we eat require some insect—usually bees—for pollination,”  

here are some of our pollinators: bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, bats, ants, beetles, tiny rodents and more. So BIG Vast possibilities this week!

I saw my first butterflies of the year today! Two kinds, Mourning Cloak and an Compton Tortoiseshell:

also i found a tick on me, just walking around, did not bite me
I would say that Spring has begun!

let me know in the comments if you will post and share with us
March 28-29th
(if your link does not go straight to the blog you are posting on, then leave the link as well, pretty please)

also, even though we call it Drawing Challenge
it can be expressed anyway you imagine:
drawing, painting, writing, photos, food.....


Mar 21, 2015

Red Bun on Toes

She is a dancer of life
embracing highs and lows (mountain tops and valleys)
She prefers being on her toes
and offering grace to the world

which brings back a memory:
when i was younger and i felt like i wasn't being heard
i would stand on things
i did not know why, it was not a conscious choice

maybe i thought if I was taller or higher I had a better chance of being heard 

makes me smile now
for sale here: Beauty Flows
I was hiking yesterday
hoping to find an antler
and look:

Mar 18, 2015

Winner of Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener is......

this cute and sassy little witch 
wants to tell you that 
has won the pencil sharpener!

Veronica, please visit Classroom Friendly Supplies
decide on your color
green, blue, red, black or pink
email me with the address to send it to!
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