Aug 17, 2018

Night Walker

under the light of night
standing with flame of candle
listening, inside and out
being with the pulse of trees
night walker

a peak at two of my visitors:

I adore seeing them!

Jul 21, 2018


a hearty mushroom

yet alert
to all life

in progress
step by step 
it came to life

lovely weekend to you!

Jul 12, 2018

Foraging and Sharing Mushroom Food

unexpected help
feels like a gift to her heart

my wonderful travel case
made by Peg and Awl
it helps to inspire art anywhere I go

Jun 24, 2018

Resting Within

painting a Buddha resting in peaceful silence
inspires deep peace in me

morning visitor:

I was away for a while and could not post on blogger (no matter how I tried to from my iPad). 
I also no longer receive my comments from you in an email, which I had set up to do all these many years. 
Are you also having these complications with blogger?