Jul 12, 2018

Foraging and Sharing Mushroom Food

unexpected help
feels like a gift to her heart

my wonderful travel case
made by Peg and Awl
it helps to inspire art anywhere I go

Jun 24, 2018

Resting Within

painting a Buddha resting in peaceful silence
inspires deep peace in me

morning visitor:

I was away for a while and could not post on blogger (no matter how I tried to from my iPad). 
I also no longer receive my comments from you in an email, which I had set up to do all these many years. 
Are you also having these complications with blogger?


Apr 26, 2018


lately I find myself enjoying botanical art
I love looking at pieces that others have made

I enjoy my whimsical art much more
due to the creative aspect

botanical art is more technical
which is nice in a different way

I took this lesson at Anna Mason's school
I adore succulents
find them so beautiful