Nov 27, 2015

DC: Abundance

I have a client
who likes to have an abundance of these bracelets that I make.

She wears them every day
she gives them as gifts.

I started this full time beaded jewelry business when my son was a wee lad
so that I could be a stay at home mom.

Now, it is something I rarely do
but still enjoy.

I feel as though I have been making an abundance of Jewelry.
I still have an abundance of beads!

These are made of tiny glass beads, gemstones and pearls.

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Nov 25, 2015

Sweet Turkey Day ~

wishing all my US friends 
lovely Thanksgiving

and all my friends in other lands
a lovely day

we sure do have wild turkeys
this photo was taken in summer

they sure are characters


Nov 20, 2015

DC: Calm

 she closed her eyes
breathed slow and steady
igniting her heart
following her breath
 to the center of her being
tuning into the infinate
she found her calm
that lives within

something about aquas and pale greens
light dancing on water
that brings me to an inner calm

Thank you Veronica
for this timely prompt: calm
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Nov 13, 2015

Drawing Challenge: Deer

this summer
I saw the buck (below)
so beautiful in his velvet antlers!

somehow he
influenced the drawing/painting above

our word this week:

Mr. Linky is new for us:
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4. return here and paste your address and your name in the linky below:

I think this Linky will be easier on everyone
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Nov 9, 2015

Doe a Deer, Announcing DC

doe a deer

Announcing DC for weekend of November 14-15

not to be confused with dear
unless it is a 
dear deer

just one example of how confusing the English language can be!


something new:

please let me know in comment below that you would like 
to post something for 

BUT, the new part:
come to my blog after your post is on your blog
there will be a way for you to link your post through a 
"linky" thing
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that way people know your post is up and ready to visit
does that make sense?

if not ask me questions

wishing you fun
thinking of deer this week