Jan 16, 2019


a peaceful quiet life

most years I do a little bear painting

often of a bear
wandering the land
eating flowers
 (because they do eat flowers, so do I)

I think also there is something about:
life in balance in these scenes
because nature seems to know "life in balance" naturally

wishing you a day that feels 'in balance' 


Dec 21, 2018

Winter Solstice

Tis the shortest day of the year, here.

The bears are hibernating and I also have that sleepy spirit in me.
Going with the flow of more darkness, wood stove going in the wee cabin, the cold days and snow feels nurturing, gentle and restorative.
outside the cold air is invigorating and inspiring. 

I wish you a blessed Solstice
whether it is with our short days
or long days where you are. 

(this is an older piece and seemed perfect for today)


Nov 20, 2018

Dancer's Pose

the tiny fairy rose with delicate grace and strength 
(like the dancer she is) 
amongst her forest friends

felt so good to draw and ink this piece
it had been too long
May the spirit and act of art continue in your lives and mine.


Oct 31, 2018

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
Happy Samhain!
(it truly does feel like the beginning of the cold, frozen time of 
year. )

I feel drawn to consider and send prayers to those have passed before
loved ones and those I had not met

I send you love on your journey
may it be of grace
I miss you


Oct 27, 2018

She Ponders

she ponders : rake autumn leaves
or paint the mountains

this piece was drawn
while I waited for my flat tire to be repaired

a fun way to pass that time

yesterday's rain made the ponds so pretty and reflective

the Western Larch are in full color and beyond these days

it has been such a beautiful autumn!

Oct 16, 2018

Grizzly for InkTober

this weekend 
a friend saw a grizzly bear fattening up in the oat fields for winter
his photograph inspired this photo

purple mushrooms showed up in the woods
someone ate them over night

a drawing for inkTober

Oct 7, 2018

Healing what is Out of Balance, One Energy Sphere at a Time

here is half of this piece
still working on the rest
Tempted to paint it

what do you think the elf is doing with his hands?


Oct 5, 2018

Carrots and Kindness

a little evening sketch..... one never knows what will show up on a page
very similar to writing in a journal


for InkTober