Jul 6, 2015

Jul 1, 2015

Fairies and Elves

recently i sketched these faces
then over a week colored them

 some of them changed quite a bit from the sketch

 each face is about 1 inch square
not always easy to add the details
which can effect change

little characters
perhaps fairies and elves

primitive girls

Jun 29, 2015

SOC: red red and metallic

even in dancer's pose
she felt a bit like a mountain
grounded and alive

tiny little painting
smaller than it looks here
2.5x3.5 inches
hard to do a face that tiny

quinacridone red
permanent deep red

diluting reds.... and pink appears



Jun 26, 2015

DC: Plate

how to tease a mouse


the longer they kept her
on the plate
under the bell jar
the more she began to vanish

please set her free

thank you Joke
with the theme:


Jun 22, 2015

SOC: purple purple and yellow

not sure where this drawing came from
had a slightly different piece in mind
fun how art has a life of it's own
inspiring you each step of the way

purple purple and yellow are this weeks Summer of Color prompts

here is one of our local summer bunnies:
in winter they turn white

Jun 19, 2015

Summer Solstice!

Summer for me 
is a season to wander mountain roads

to do things that i begin to long for in the snowy months
deep seasons are like that
they each hold their unique activities

i still find it strange
that with the beginning of summer
the days begin to get shorter 
nights longer


Sweet and blessed Solstice to You all!
(whether is is Summer or Winter in  your land)