Feb 26, 2015

Face 26 & 27 of 29 Faces

my my
February's month of faces is nearing it's end

it has been a good challenge
lots of practice


there are two more faces to go

in the meantime thank you to Martha of Ayala's art for hosting


Feb 23, 2015

#23 of 29 Faces

she rose from the Sleeping Beauty mountains
mountains where veins of turquoise thrive
no longer asleep
with a crystal at her third eye

the splash to the far left
is a drop of red wine
so i splashed some more
such a pretty color!

to enjoy faces from around the world


Feb 21, 2015

DC: veins and face 21 of 29

 her green hair
like moss and leaves

sunlight and shade
presenting leaves veins

raindrops enhance the veins of this leaf

frost presents the glorious veins of these:

Thank you Veronica for hosting DC
with the interesting theme of: veins

to enjoy others faces:

Feb 19, 2015

Birthday Girl #20

 my dear friend Royal sent me the photo below
ice cloaked pines
which inspired the piece above
can you see the influence?

like so many people
Royal and I love owls, thus the owl
we are both February born
so i call this birthday girl

plus today, 2.20  is my birthday