Apr 19, 2016


in her sleep
day or night
she always had a crown upon her head
a star at her heart
a deep sense of care 
for all the peoples of the world
as well as the life in the stones, stars, trees and creatures
for that is the duty of royalty


Apr 16, 2016


she wanted to be an elf
she heard rumors that there was elf blood in her lineage
most certainly elf spirit
drawn to the colors of the forest 
she dressed like a tree
autumn colors
even though it is spring


Apr 13, 2016

Spirals and Swirls

She is a lady of peace
a watcher
a holder of sacred space


My palette had left over watercolors from the last painting.

I wanted to play,
sprayed water on the colors to bring them to live, ready to use.

Painted the above swirly spiraling lines letting colors blend into one another. 
After it dried i noticed a subtle face:

Much texture appears in the paper of this photograph, more than the scanner picks up in the first photo.

That is how she came to life, 
I found her in the swirls of color. 

Apr 11, 2016

Mythical Being

a friendly land
of mythical beings
perhaps a bit enchanted
by stars, sun
and candlelight


this weekend i went away
to the wilderness of Polebridge
returned home to more wild
a great gray owl flew through
and landed:

 such an honor to see