Sep 1, 2023

Forest Bathing


Portraying a feeling of forest bathing

layers and layers like veils inspire the experience of feeling the endless realms available to us

even within us

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Jul 17, 2023

Then they Appeared


When I do these paintings, I have no idea who will show up on the paper. Layers of color and design and waiting to see who lives in the shapes then bringing them to life. A bit like looking at clouds and seeing characters. 
I am temped to add a caption.... 
I would rather hear what you see going on between these two? 

Jun 26, 2023

Summer Whimsy


  • I had no idea this piece would be an abstract.
  • The fun of the colors and details took over and this is what showed up on the paper. 
  • Some of the fun is experiencing the part of me come to life that vanished when someone told me:
  • Trees aren't pink
  • mountains are not that pointy
  • this is how to draw a flower

In those moments of someone thinking they knew what I was suppose to do with my art,  my innocence and freedom vanished. I am loving getting it back. It has a feeling of vitality and endless possibilities. 

( I am not sure how I got those dots to the left of my words... so i am not sure how to remove them)



Jun 21, 2023

Summer Solstice


As we enter summer
Earth is lush green, overflowing with leaves, even some mushrooms
Sky a mix of soft blue, white clouds and gray clouds ready to sprinkle rain down upon us.
Lovely solstice to you whether it be summer or winter.





Jun 18, 2023

A Constant


it is always here


our light

the light



having fun creating fantasy landscapes

or perhaps this is a spiritscape.



Jun 10, 2023

Forest Lad


Immersed in the forest

he knelt to visit with the boletes


I was so immersed in this painting that I forgot I was doing a lesson


didn't follow the lesson. 

Makes me smile, as I love getting immersed in basically anything!



Jun 3, 2023

Receiving Light ~


receiving light


This painting took me days to feel that it was complete. 

Layers and layers......

pausing to consider. 

Turning a light on it when I passed the art table,

what does it need, I pondered. 

Today it told me what it needed 

and then it felt complete. 


That happens with most my art, but this one took longer to find what it wanted. 



May 28, 2023

Let's Paint an Angel

These paintings were from a lesson named lets paint and angel.

They began as flower petals and then we turn them into an angel.

This last one was the first one I did. The paper would not support re-wetting previous paint to meld it with new layers. So I painted the two above on different papers, which was much more successful in that regard.

 I find it interesting to do one lesson a few times to see how each one is different. How new inspiration rises. How new ideas unfold. 


If you are curious about this teacher, she has many classes:

Päivi Eerola