May 30, 2016

Fairy Ring

standing in the center of the fairy ring
feeling the magic 
of the earth, mushrooms and Fae
 rise through her body
until she felt vitality, love and light 
in every cell of her being


inspired by fairy rings in my lawn


May 27, 2016

Art Challenge: Garden Party

it's a party
any day one finds king boletes
it is a party!


king boletes
also known as: Porcini, ceps,  Penny Bun
yum yum! 

any one who is sharing a post for Melodye's 
Art Challenge: Garden Party

sign up here:


May 21, 2016

Rock Kinship

feeling the heart and spirit of the rock
she closed her eyes
stilled her mind
light moved through her being

yesterday i glimpsed a yearling black bear getting out of my small pond and trotting off through the woods

 it paused to shake off some water

if only i looked out sooner to see if the bear paused to 
splash about
 take a bath 
go fishing

all 6 fish are still there

it was the size of a large dog
I never know what i will see when i look out the wee cabin's windows

May 13, 2016

DC: Sky

when Eric offered: Sky
as our DC inspiration
first I went far off into the universe
a sky of dancing planets

then sunset 

the gold spots are masking fluid 
that went bad
it will not rub off
so glad this was not a piece i put a lot of time into
i wanted them to be stars
i suppose i could use white paint on them
but i wanted to share that masking fluid does not always work
i suppose good to test on scrap paper first

because it is spring
a butterfly in flight 
in pink morning light


Thank you for being our host Eric!
Visit Eric's artful place to see who all is creating
with the inspiration sky this weekend.