Nov 22, 2014

DC: Rara Avis, Rare Bird

for you my kin

care for this 
with your heart
along with the sun earth and rain
later it's seeds will nurture you,
carry you into the future

i think wood elves are common in my woods
but maybe not that common for people to see
so she is my rare bird

i love the idea of a simple, mundane gift
that is full of life and will give and give over the years

as winter settles in here
i find birds hanging from the tree tops eating seeds of the cones
they are part of my inspiration
i think this will also become a rare bird:

this tree was hit by lightning
we are making it into a woodland throne
a place to be, listen and see

slowly it will be carved
and the piece leaning 
might become a table or bench
it will be the only one in my woods
a rare seat

Thank you Eric for being our DC host
and choosing a fun theme: 


Nov 15, 2014

DC: Folds

 unfolding her wings 
she took flight

she folded her eyelid over her eye
a bit of a wink
yet with her tears slowly cascading down her check
it was a mix of sweet sad and alluring


is our dear host this weekend for Drawing Challenge
she chose the prompt: folds
visit her blog to find other participants
thank you for being our host Carole!

Nov 10, 2014

Wild Turkey

I have been seeing turkeys in the wild lately

in my woods
along roads
up in the trees

inked piece above
full painting below

my model, taken in the spring

last night we got snow!

even my ponds are frozen

Nov 5, 2014

Evening Sketch

evening sketches
can be like a sweet meditation
getting absorbed in what wants to appear on the page

Sweet Week to You

Nov 1, 2014

DC: underwear

some tasks are so important that one flees into the woods
in what ever they have on
even in their underwear

the ink drawing 
before painting

below my woodland model

thank you for being our lovely host!
Visit her blog to see more 'underwear' art


Oct 27, 2014

Little Brother

this one is still talking to me
why is there a little bear on her hand?

maybe because there is evidence of bears in our woods

yes, perhaps the little bear appeared in my art because they are
in my real life

Oct 24, 2014

DC: Dress

oh how i love dresses
they have tangible spirit
inspire movement, dance

i am a bit smitten 
with ink drawings too

to color 
or not to color
each time


this painting is reminding me of a time
when i hand washed my cashmere sweaters
and hung them in the woods

perhaps this is where the idea came from:

lovely Patrice is hosting DC this week
she chose the theme: dress
do visit her blog to find others inspired by dress

thank you Patrice!