Oct 1, 2016

Yay, it's inkTober!

I like taking photos of friends
sitting on my forest throne

I did this of one of my friends

it is pouring rain this morning
been having dramatic thunder at times
and when the sun comes out:
OH the colors!

inkTober is an event that happens every October
people all over the world do an ink drawing every day!
this will be my second year. 
Maybe you will do it too?


Sep 30, 2016

29 Faces, tears

this face is larger than many this past month
i began coloring it at dusk while camping a few days ago
wondered what it would look like in the morning light

I have not kept up with creating all 29 faces this time around
still I have enjoyed it all the same

Thank you Alaya for hosting us!


Sep 25, 2016

Sep 23, 2016

29 Faces

when the breath of life brought her to be
she was filled with beauty 
inside and out


29 Faces

Sep 21, 2016

Lovely Equinox to you ~

on the threshold of a new season
she draws her energy within
becoming one with the colors of falling leaves

in doing so
she can offer the colors to her world



lovely Autumnal or Vernal Equinox 
to you!

visit 29 Faces 
to enjoy other faces from around the world