Sep 22, 2012

Autumn Equinox ~

we enter a new season
still magically full of critters
on and on

days are warm
nights are crisp cold
the colors of the world shift and move
like a beautiful dance
the path of summer has mingled with this new season for weeks
today we enter Autumn
wishing you all a season be it Autumn here
Spring there
a season that feels good to you
Happy Equinox!
sharing with Blue Chair Diary
face 20


  1. ...pure happiness! ~ blessings to thee dear kindred!... ...xXx... ...Samantha...

  2. Such expression Tammie... you can see the magic in her eyes... beautiful painting...

    Jenny ♥

  3. Je suis très heureuse de vous retrouver après mes longues semaines d'absence... La reprise n'est pas facile... j'ai tant de choses en retard!
    Un grand merci pour votre gentil commentaire, cela me touche beaucoup.
    Je suis aussi ravie de vous lire aujourd'hui. Une très belle illustration et des mots merveilleux pour accueillir Dame Automne. En toute sincérité je préfère et de loin Demoiselle Printemps...
    je vous fais de gros bisous.

  4. Just beautiful words and a painting of someone who seems happy with life and why not at this time...lovely work. Happy equinox and Autumn. It is a really wonderful time of year.

  5. as always beautiful!
    cheers, dana

  6. I love your newest paintings! Fall is such a beautiful time of year. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  7. OH how sweet! Her hair is beautiful and I love the little lady bug! xoxo

  8. Beautiful the colors and feeling of softness!

  9. Fantastic and warm creation ~ lovely poem and Happy Equinox to you ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  10. She's absolutely beautiful. LOVE the ladybug too. :)

  11. Very nice paintings ! But I hate fall ! I prefer spring by far !

  12. Wow Tammie..this is stunning..and not only is she dazzling and magical..but the backdrop it is against or " she is ghosting against" is mesmerizing to me! like a ghostly fresco!! I don't know how to describe is very dreamy! beautiful work!!

  13. Samantha, thank you for your lovely visit!

    Jenny, so fun that you see magic in her eyes!

    Martine, there are many people like you who love spring better.

    Sue, thank you for enjoying this. I agree, a lovely time of year... but for the smoke from wildfires that fills our air.

    Tam, thank you for your enthusiasm!

    Alexandra, Joni, Carol, Dana, thank you!

    Gattina, our spring is muddy and gray, autumn is warm with crisp nights and stars... plus all the changing colors.

    Hello Victoria,

    how fun that you thought of this as a ghostly fresco.
    I keep looking at it and thinking it looks like a fresco too... I experienced a new gesso in Italy. I wish i had brought some home. It feels so much like smooth plaster on the page.... more so than the ones i have here. Called: Ferrario Gesso
    thank you for your lovely message.

    lovely Sunday one and all.


  14. Lovely face and photo! Experiencing fall on our travels in so Dokota!!

  15. Funny indeed that we've both been playing with Manga, will you share your pictures here? I adore your paintings and sketches :D

  16. hello Yarrow,

    so lovely of you to stop by.
    i have only done two manga characters. they were each from a tutorial, so i feel they are not original enough to share. If i make some of my own, yes indeedy i will share.
    I would love to see yours as well!

    thank you for adoring my art, that just makes my heart smile.

  17. Beautiful soft colors go perfectly with her gentle expression! And happy autumn!

  18. Tammy, I love the pavers photograph, it gives a feel of continuity, of order, of magic...

  19. such soft dreamy colours and lines... I agree with an earlier comment that there is a fresco feel to this... it looks like it is just peaking out at us...xx

  20. sweet girl and a lovely ladybug!
    p.s. i love the colors in fall.<3

  21. Beautiful work and words, i love how shes looking at the little ladybird

  22. I'd be all smiles too, like the female you drew, if I had a lady bug in hand. Love how the colors compliment the photo of the brick walkway.

    You've written such beautiful words to welcome Autumn and send Summer on her way.

  23. This does have such a fresco feel...the soft pink is inviting. Loved going through all your faces you've done so far too! And Italy! How wonderful! I dream of seeing it one day.

    Happy Autumn to you Tammie!

  24. Oh, this is so delicate! Beautiful, xo

  25. a pink beauty in this Sunday sketch/portrait :) her hair color echos the pink in the bricks. wonderful colors!

  26. Hello Tammie!

    Great post,

    But it's pretty much the same, "love her" ;)

    Very romantic words "The way to handle a woman Is to love her... love her... love her."

    Thanks for sharing,
    Have a great day,


    Johanna, Sweden

  27. A very lovely drawing and painting! her intense blue eyes, staring at the ladybird.. so lovely! I also like the background! :)

    and your lovely photos of the cobblestones! with so many warm colors.

    Happy Equinox! a little late, but.. ;)

  28. you have such a pretty drawings! love it! what do you think of following each other?

    much love,


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