Mar 5, 2011


deep waters
amongst friends
a welcome embrace


our assignment was to paint on wood
we were not told to prime the wood
it soaked up paint
I enjoyed the new experience
I used a thin plywood
that is now splintering at the cut edge

any suggestions for how I might coat/finish this piece?
It was painted with watercolor pencils and crayons
plus acrylic paints

being a double pisces.... it was fun to add the dancing circle of fish
sketch on paper:

transferred to wood
and the painting begins:


if you are in Whitefish Montana this coming Friday, 
please stop by and enjoy a wonderful show that I am part of!

Please enjoy sketches by visiting Sophia's:
Sunday Sketches!

Sending light to Sophia 
and her dad


  1. Oh I wish I am in Montana right now. Your painting is fantastic. The bubbles!!! Do you know that they are some of the most difficult to draw and paint? You did it perfectly!

    Oh yeah, deep waters inspire friendship, especially if one can't swim well, because she will cling like a jellyfish!

  2. well it sure would be grand to have you in Mt ms. Ces!
    I had no idea that bubbles were hard to paint, innocence can be a good thing!
    deep waters....

  3. Anonymous3/05/2011

    Great colors in this. I don't have any ideas about the painting, though.

  4. Anonymous3/05/2011

    Very beautiful painting!

  5. Hi Tammie, this is a beautiful piece! One of your best yet I would say! I really love that you painted on wood, it's given such a great effect and the colours are so bold :)

  6. Such a wonderful artwork!! So much tenderness.. And I admire those eyes!

    Very clever you are! :)

    Sure I would like to see the wilderness in Montana (if I was there..)

    Enjoy your days! :)

  7. Wow! This painting is really really gorgeous. You did a FANTASTIC job! Maybe you could seal the piece with varnish? You can find them in the craft stores with all the other finishes. Theresa

  8. TAMMIE! I have found my new favorite of yours! Oh wow, the deep dappled blues and greens of the water. I feel like I am immersed. Her skin is flawless and gorgeous. And those EYES! Whoa, those deep, piercing yet gorgeous eyes. I love the floating strands of hair, like seaweed. Wow, wow, wow!

    And YES, you ARE one of the best photographers. And not just in Montana!

  9. Woah!! OH myyy...Tammie..this is amazing.this may be my fave ever now of yours..there is a really strong feel to alive....and such a beautiful poetic energy coming through on many levels..gorgeous and fantastical! I love that it is on wood too..I love painting on wood and driftwood..! You could seal it with an artist's sealer /spray or craft can use spray or a paint-on-varnish. There is also outdoor varnish too if you hang your art outside.
    Some people also like to use bees-wax too!

    It is gorgeous Tammie! I feel transported into a beautiful realm with this piece...truly captivating!

  10. Oh... and Many CONGRATS on your are a shining star!!

  11. Sandy,
    many thanks ~

    Thank you ~

    So fun that you enjoyed this piece.

    Thank you and yes, the wilderness of Montana is something to see!

    Thank you for enjoying this piece and for your varnish idea.

    Ms. Bella,
    Love your enthusiasm! I can only smile.
    So wonderful that you enjoy my photography too!

    you are wonderfully supportive, thank you dear! I love all your ideas, thank you so much. Hum, bees wax, that might be fun. I have not done that yet, but look forward to doing so.

    Ah and thank you for your congrats for being in this show, it is an honor.

    much warmth,


  12. So magical Tammie! I can't believe this is on wood - it turned out really beautifully!
    Love the words too!

    Wish I was there to celebrate your show! Best of luck and hope you really enjoy yourself! Be sure to take lots of pics to share with us!

    Smiles and hugs

  13. Oh Tammie! Bella Sinclair said perfectly how wonderful this painting is. Especially those EYES! You are amazing, you know.

    Congrats on the show - makes me wish I was in Montana!!! I would SOOOOO be there!

  14. Seems like the sea creature and animals love her! I love the last photo when your drawing is still in progress and the colors on the wood texture are so natural :) :) And does the two fishes behind her symbolize any special meaning? like your horoscope zodiac or something.. XD hehe!

  15. Hello Julia,

    Many thanks for enjoying this painting. Wood is so different to work on!

    Thank you for your luck at the Photography show, it should be great fun!


    Thank you for your lovely enthusiasm!
    It would indeed be fun to have you at the show!

    hello dear Yeevon.
    Yes the two fish are the symbol for Pisces. That is my sun and moon sign so it was fun to include it in art.
    I like the wee bit of paint on wood too. Might have to do some pieces where the wood shows.

    wishing you a lovely Sunday.

  16. Oh Tammie!!!! This new painting is amazing!!!!! I too wish I was nearby so I could pop by the show....please take photos for us!!!!!!

  17. Lovely and thanks for the step by step. This is soft and so very tender! I love your last post too!

  18. Very nicely done. I'm also a Pisces and love the fish!

  19. wow, very interesting!

  20. I love this painting! I love the peacfulness on her face. It is just lovely!

  21. Hi Tammie, what a wonderful painting, so peaceful...mermaid and seahorse the stuff dreams are made of...

  22. Very Chagall! I've loved this course. Your painting is beautiful and so much to interest the observer. Love the seaweed hair, it works really well.

  23. very's so serene

  24. such dear friends!
    i love the feelings in this!!!

  25. the details in the faces and the water are amazing :)

  26. Hi Tammie, this is a very beautiful and thought provoking work of art. I would say to finish it with a coat of matte varnish but with watercolor being part of the mix I would be afraid to do that for fear of it running. Google finishes for watercolor and see what you come up with?

  27. oh this one is so good, I like that she is expressing tenderness on both sides of her world, the waterworld and on land.

  28. This is COOL! Love it! love the color of the water. Too bad I'm not in Montana:(

  29. Lovely : )
    Best of luck with the showing!

  30. oh this is just so beautiful. i love the colors! The background is a beautiful shade of turquisey teal - just awesome....

    I wish i was going to be in Montana, I would love the chance to meet you and see your work in person! you are such an inspiring artist!! Good luck with the show this friday!!!!

  31. beautiful work! love the twirls in her tail & the seahorse and the fishes

  32. WISH I COULD MEET YOU IN MONTANA (great song too) - love the mermaid! Happy belated birthday - your gift from Abigail is beautiful! Cheers to a successful showing!

  33. Oh Tammie--you keep out-doing your self--she came out SO beautiful!!
    I would LOVE to come to your show too!!

  34. Beautiful work. I love the how the animals mingle with her.

  35. Hi Tammie, thanks for the great comments on my work. This is so gorgeous...have you thought about spray fixative?? any good art shop should have it.

  36. Lovely new painting, Tammie! I think I would go with with a light coat of matte medium (let dry) and then use a nice varnish over it. The matte medium should seal up the crayon if it's water soluable. I don't think you would have any problems with the interaction of the varnish and pencil. (Might want to try a small sample piece first!) I can't wait to see what you do next!

  37. Hi Tammie,

    Your new painting is lovely and I believe this one is my favourite of yours now. =)

    Thank you for all the warm, loving light you send my way. Hugs

  38. Tammie, you are incredible!! This piece is just beeeauutifuuuull! I just love it.

    And by the way, I hope you had a wonderful birthday... hugs and kisses and plenty of wishing stars to you! oxx

  39. Oh Tammie - this is definitely my very favorite that you've done so far! Love, love, love it.

    For the finishing I would either use a spray varnish or beeswax. (Beeswax smells wonderful when you use it... soothing.) I only use brush on varnish on my acrylic paintings. Brush on varnish can cause smudging, bleeding, and running with a lot of water soluble mediums.


  40. Lovely piece! It always makes me giddy to see more mermaids in the world. Have a great time at your show.

  41. What a lovely, charming, beautiful piece. :) And have a wonderful time at the reception ~ best wishes!

  42. Anonymous3/08/2011

    Here's to a brilliant sun shiny day with lots of sparkles!
    Hope your day is the best ever!

  43. ...gosh, Tammie! I'm totally in love with this piece. I'm a double Pisces I'm married to a Pisces and my son is a Cancer, so you can guess we are very watery! I noticed the two fish right away....I do a lot with that symbol in pottery. You've perfectly captured tenderness and your poem is perfect always!

  44. That water is just beautiful. I don't know what you would put atop it, first a fixative and then a spray matte varnish, maybe. I work on watercolor paper so I am not up on the latest methods for preserving art on wood.

  45. oh my! echoing everybody here ... love the colors -- especially the contrast between my two favorites, orange and teal -- the textures, the bubbles, the incredible tenderness between water and woodland creatures. Somehow, I think it made a difference that you were painting on wood; quite beautiful, Tammie.


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