Feb 27, 2011

Guest Artist and Friend

My dear friend Abigail Folk celebrated my birthday with me last week

there were flowers
heartfelt conversation
and a gift
of this wonderful painting she made, for me

my companion word for this year is 'listen'
and she included it
over the heart
it is a wonderful word to learn from

gift yourself with a visit to her blog; Rusted Wings  
and her etsy shop: Rusted Wings Gallery

friendships are a treasured gift
and we have enjoyed sharing with one another for over 30 years!
a heartfelt thank you Abigail!

I have to say, I had a wonderful time celebrating
with many friends 
over many days last week!

My heart leans to all of you
for celebrating and sharing life with me!

This week I am working on a mermaid piece of art:

 I have transferred this to wood
and am in the midst of painting it
hoping to share the finished piece with you
in the next couple of days


Usually today is Sunday Sketches
but her father is not well
so let us all send light and prayers to her and her father
and family. 



  1. Happy belated birthday! You received a beautiful gift from your friend, she is truly talented! I also love the start on your new piece of art. Mermaids are so enchanting to me, I can not wait to see the final piece. I will be keeping a look out!

  2. Lovely lovely post. Happy belated birthday to you! So glad you celebrated it in style with such a great friend - she has a wonderful blog too and this is such a special present. I love your work for this year...I think I forget to stop and listen a lot of the time and this is a perfect reminder to do more of that!

    Cannot wait to see how your painting turns out! It looks like it will be wonderful!!!

    Smiles and hugs

  3. How wonderful to have such a good friendship that has lasted for so long, and how amazing that you are both such talented artists!
    I am already loving the new work.

  4. What a beautiful gift! I met Abigail during OWOH. She is so amazingly talented. Glad you were able to share your special day with a wonderful friend. I adore your Mermaid sketch - can't wait to see her all finished. :) Theresa

  5. Happy Birthday!!!! what an amazing piece of art to treasure. your friend is so talented! Glad you enjoyed your birthday! xo

  6. This is so, so pretty! I love the texture and the flow to her dress...

    Also, your mermaid and seahorse sketch is so charming! I can't wait to see it finished.

  7. Oh my goodness-both of these are wonderful. I can see yours evolving into a beautiful artpiece and such a gorgeous birthday present!!

  8. Beautiful.. and happy birthday again :)) xxx

  9. Hope you had a "fairy" happy birthday (as my eldest daughter used to say!!)
    What a beautiful gift to have received from your friend...just gorgeous. You really can't beat receiving a gift that has been made especially for you, with a whole lot of love painted in...:)
    Your sketch is so pretty too, I JUST love mermaids and sea horses. Can't wait to see it with a bit of paint :)x

  10. Yay Happy Birthday!!! And woah..your friend is super talented..such a gorgeous piece she has created for you..so special and full of beautiful energies!! wow! What a gift to treasure...gorgeous!shine on!

    I love your mermaid..can't wait to see the finished piece!

    and..healing thoughts to your frineds/ father you mentioned!

    Hugs and happy days!
    and...Happiest Birthday Blessings to you and wishing you mnay birthday sparkles to surround you all year long!

  11. Anonymous2/28/2011

    Well, Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great day, and I wish you the best for the coming year.

    It sounds like you have a very good friend, and one that you share interests with. That is so nice.

  12. Anonymous2/28/2011

    It feels like both a blend of the past and the future coming into this one moment in the present.

    Your art transcends Tammie. Just beautiful. :)

  13. Happy Birthday!

    What a wonderfully thoughtful gift!

    I can't wait to see your latest creation on wood - I love it so far :)


  14. birthday???
    happy belated birthday!!!!
    im late for the party! xD


  15. Happy Belated Birthday :D :D May you find what you're longing for in this year, be it happiness, peaceful and health!

    Lifetime friendship is such a rare gem that once you found it, treasure it in your heart forever :) :) That is a lovely heart-touching gift from her, very serene and very pretty~

    Hope you have an awesome week and looking forward to the little mermaid~ *I love mermaid stories XD*

  16. Oh, Tammie! This is going to be so beautiful! ((hugs)) What a talented girl you are! Happy FAT Tuesday! (grin)

  17. Love your blog page Tammie! Wonderfilled and magical. X

  18. Adorable sketch! Love the look of that seahorse~
    I'm looking forward to seeing it painted on wood, sounds awesome!

  19. Happy Birthday dear Pisces!
    I have fallen in love with your art!
    All the eyes pull me in and I begin to wander about in the beauty of your creations.
    Amazing....Thank you.

  20. happy belated birthday!!! what a lovely gift from your friend....

  21. Oh yes … happy belated! And though time has "passed" I still send light and love to Sophia's father and all who love him.


  22. Happy happy happy birthday! *Gasp* What a beautiful and heartwarming present! the texture on her dress and her hair is incredible, and the colors are fantastic! Oh, what a joy this is! Friendships certainly are a gift.

    Sending prayers for Sophia's father.


  23. Anonymous3/06/2011

    It's Fantastic ...
    Check out mine !!!!

  24. Anonymous3/06/2011

    So Sweet ..
    I liked it !!! xD
    Take a look of mine Stuff

  25. aaaaw! I missed your birthday. I wish you told me. Happy belated Birthday. Tsup!

  26. Happy Birthday Tammie - a little late. What a beautiful gift you received from Abigail. I've had a quick look at her blog - it's wonderful.
    May the coming year bring you all you wish for.
    Janice. x

  27. Happy Belated Birthday Tammie! What a lovely gift, your friend is very talented too and sounds like you had a wonderful day. Hugs, G



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