Mar 24, 2011

Ces of the Oak Clan

drawn to the oak clan
she drew their likeness
many shapes styles
imbued her lines with quercus pneuma
mighty stance of oak
firmly rooted with earth
branches dancing in heavens

home to those who crawl and fly
nuts that whisper of future life
she drew and drew
until she too
became kin of Quercus

one night I drew the top two leaves
and nuts
then Ces appeared amongst the leaves
i did not go and look at ms. Ces's photo
in order to make it look like her
all the same
I know it is Ces!
Any of you who know Ces and her art
understand this with no explanation.
If not you will gift yourself in a leisurely visit!

i think a wee bit of the bald baby spirit got in here too

recently i participated in a stitched postcard swap

over at: Do What You Love 
the theme being: Love  

I received the one above
it came all the way from the UK!
Made by Michele 
from: Simply Wonderful Discoveries

Thank you Michele, it is lovely!


  1. wow, this is soo pretty, tammie! great job! xo

  2. Super beautiful Tammie.....what a wonderful energy coming from this gorgeous soul...thanks for enchanting my spirit always! I love her! Shine on Oak kindred!

  3. Anonymous3/24/2011

    I agree, this is very pretty. Such clean lines and shading. I especially love the eyes--very beautiful!
    :) and thank you for your visit to my blog. I'm so glad you did because I was able to find yours in return. Your pictures are so whimsical and magical :)

  4. Heather,

    thank you dear~

    Ms. Kiki,

    Wonderful to see through your eyes, thank you. Yes, there is lots of oak kin!

    Auroran Lauriel,

    So lovely of you to visit. Fun that you like her eyes, I wanted them to be reminiscent of the acorns.


  5. WoW!! Such a marvellous drawing you have made here!!!! Just love it!! :)

    And You've got a nice homemade card, lovely! :)

  6. Beautiful Tammie!!

    As a child of the Oak too (my maiden name was Acorn), I am totally enchanted by her!

  7. What a wonderful tribute to such an amazing woman and talented artist! Just like you my friend.

    Hugs and smiles

  8. She's a darling :) :) Sweet and innocent (yet not too sweet!), oh I love her eyes so much!! What a soulful eyes she has!

  9. Ah, I like Ces of the Oak clan and her acorn earrings are very cute too!
    You seem to be really enjoying painting and drawing Tammie. It is lovely to see your own style developing and shining through. :-)

    Have a lovely creative weekend with your fae folk!

  10. We have several huge (est. over 100 years old) oak trees just outside the house. I've always loved them, and the gnomes that we just KNOW live at their roots.

    I will be looking for the oak clan in the branches now!

    P.S. I LOVE her earrings!

  11. Your inspiration is letting you soar--your creations are beautiful!

  12. Anonymous3/25/2011

    Tammie she is wonderful!

    and your art is growing..fantastic! :)


  13. Oh, she is stunning! Wow! Yes, her eyes really draw you in. Beautiful!

  14. I love your oak girl. Your writing is lovely as well! Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog!

  15. She is a beauty!!!

  16. I have been stuck here not knowing what to say. Thank you Tammie. I cannot breath from feeling so honored yet undeserving. She is beautiful. I love her very much. I love it very much. I LOVE IT! Thank you!

  17. Dear Ces,

    I am glad you love it. I am smiling from my heart out.

    warm hug.

  18. love!!!! her earrings!!

  19. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHA! Hahahahahaha, oh this is MARVELOUS! Ah, Tammie, you have captured her oneness with oaks so wonderfully. And I know Ces was thrilled to be a baldie. Beautiful the way she is peeking out from under the leaves. What a great tribute, both poem and drawing!

  20. Love her wonderful leafiness and those acorn earrings!

  21. Karen,
    fun that you noted the earrings.


    So glad you popped by. I was hoping some of Ces's friends would see this, because they will understand it best!

    Thank you for your lovely comments. I love seeing my art fresh through your eyes.


    Thank you!



  22. Oh wow - I absolutely ADORE this piece. So stark and mesmerizing. She is my favorite. Beautiful! Theresa

  23. I love all your white haired girls!! I also thought it was an interesting hairstyle with the 2 braids into one and the stars. Lovely! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog!

  24. This drawing might be one of my all-time favorites! Oh, Tammie--she is so delicate--just exquisitely beautiful.

  25. It is Ces indeed! How funny that she came and settled in with you while you were drawing!

  26. did i tell you how much i love ces of the oak clan....what an enchanting character she is...
    and what a postcard treasure!


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