Mar 8, 2011

She is of the Earth

is of the mountains
holds true course
in the depths of soil
home for all
because she's born 
of earth

recently Karen of Contemporary Embroidery
posted some of her beautiful art 
it is a mix of paper with holes punched in it and stitching
She told me I should try it.
This is one of her amazing pieces:

you will have to visit her
to enjoy the rest!

visit her Etsy Shop

I will play with this more.....
I took a photo of this post card size art
against the window so that you can see the holes
no stitching in this piece

but somehow this is inspiring
and stitching on another piece will happen some day!

Pitt Pens 


  1. I have been amazed at all your work, you have been very poductive and really are developing a lovely style of work.
    The mermaid piece is lovely.
    Followed the embroidery link, so beautiful.
    Thank you for your nice comments.

  2. this is fantastic Tammie!! told you it was fun!! thanks so much for the link x

  3. This is sooo cool, Tammie, I love that she's a mountain - also i am off to check out her link!

  4. Oh, Tammy, your earth woman is lovely. This fills my eyes. ((hugs))

  5. You did a really nice job, Tammie. Wow! =)

  6. Your new work is lovely!! I love how the light shines through the holes! About the varnish....I use Liquitex. Personally, I like gloss but you may prefer matte. I think it depends on your taste and the substrate you are using. Like I said, do a sample first just to make sure everything is compatible. Let me know how it goes. Thanks for the comment on my new metal jewelry! Talk to you soon!

  7. the clouds seem to glow, very cool!

  8. you are a genius with photography and now also with the drawings, those are gorgeous, i love all of them!

  9. That is a pretty cool technique. I love how you incorporated it into your work. I really love your poem and illustration, I love how how the hair of your girl forms the earth.

  10. Oh WOW, let the let shine in! That is so neat and awesome! I shall have to look for your majestic beauty's face in every mountain range I see. :)

  11. Again you've made a very beautiful work of art! With wonderful colors! I hope she will look after us, and that we will be kind with her.. :)

    Do you still like your green drink? I'm pleased with mine.. :)

    Green earth and green drink.. and soon, the green Spring will arrive.. :))

  12. She is really amazing, Tammie! I love how she is actually part of the mountain. You've done such a wonderful job with this piece. :) Theresa

  13. oh this is fantastic. I love the punching effect. I will have to try it. The earth lady would lovely as a shade. So pretty!

  14. Anonymous3/09/2011

    Don't you just love making holes into paper! I love it and stitching it with thin wool! So theraputic!
    Beautiful art and love the way you made her hair like the sea! Peaceful and emotional.

  15. She's beautiful! and what a wonderful element to add to this.

  16. She is the day and night too :D You have just created a whole new viewing experience of her! The glowing of the clouds is awesome!

  17. Anonymous3/09/2011

    Thank you so much Tammie, the Jiraffe and Jackel language was really interesting. Really enjoyed reading this.
    Whats really nice also is being able to share this openess of learning. Thank you for sharing this with me.
    Life is so full of goodness!

  18. Anonymous3/09/2011

    Beautiful art, indeed. Thank you Tammie for your sweet comments on my post. So glad to visit your blog and enjoy your creation as well as Karen's.

  19. Beautiful art, indeed. Thank you Tammie for your sweet comments on my post. So glad to visit your blog and enjoy your creation as well as Karen's.

  20. Oh SO gorgeous Tammie!! Very beautiful..and textural and poetic...i love it!! It is so amzing to try new things...shine on!

  21. So interesting to see the beautiful results of exploring and adopting new approaches -- love how the holes both seem to add both light and emphasis to the subject.

  22. Tammie,

    Thought I had commented on this one yesterday! What a cool effect the hole punches add to this lovely piece!! I am inspired to try it!


  23. I love the stitching. I have wanted to try that, along with sticking feathers on the work...and well a 100 other things :) She is beautiful Tammie!

  24. oh but she is lovely!

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  26. This girl is one of my favorites! The flow of her hair is just gorgeous.

  27. She's stunning, Tammie. I like the natural flow of your lines and the soft colors on her. :) oxx

  28. I like the technique you've used here Tammie, it really adds to the painting and the subject seems to be intensified by the style you've used, very nice!

    I love to paint but sadly the paintbox has been put away for a few years now. My mom was a talented painter, I like to think that some of her ability lives on in my own paintings. I think it's the most relaxing and rewarding hobby I've ever had!

    Happy Weekend and BFN, G

  29. Oh, WOW! This is beautiful.


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