May 10, 2020

Something has her attention

something has her attention
maybe a wild orchid?:

 So lovely to have flowers blooming!
This is a calypso orchid
commonly called a fairy slipper

quite similar to a lady slipper but about half the size 
and different coloring.




  1. So fairytale beautiful.
    Beautiful flower the orchid.

    Tammie, stay healthy and best regards,

    1. Thank you Hilly. It is so fun to see flowers again!

  2. it really enchants the picture in a fairytale world or even in a reality, look more closely how it does it !!!
    What a beautiful little orchid and adorable name!
    Have a good week, Elke

    1. Thank you for looking closely enough to consider this scene.
      And the fairy slipper thanks you too.

  3. Unreal - These Are So Cool - What A Wonderful Post - Thank You


  4. What an interesting painting. Something has caught her attention. I rather like the starry flowers.
    The calypso orchid is almost unbelievable and it's a very suitable name. I wonder who named it and when.

  5. She is sitting under a fine umbrella! She is Tammie - - :) The fairy-shoe is made for your figures and dreams. She is sitting so, that I really can feel her position. Very empathic!

  6. Anonymous5/13/2020

    Güzel çiçek

  7. Your drawing starts a million magical fairy stories in my head! I love it!

  8. She looks lovely sitting under her mushroom. What an unusual looking orchid and such pretty colour. That would have my attention too.


  9. Prachtig is je tekening,Tammie ik ga met je mee de sprookjes wereld in!
    Een sprookjes pantoffel Mooie bloem de orchidee.
    Wens ik mij ook als pantoffel en als bloem.

  10. I think she saw a deer or a monkey. I like the star-shaped flowers.

    That calypso orchid is very odd but kind of grand.

    Have a lovely day.

  11. Your art needs to go into a book. All the magical characters with a story. How nice to have this growing in your garden.

    1. Thank you so much for your comments/messages.
      I would love to come up with a storybook. That was my original idea when I began drawing. Turns our my art truly and naturally leans that way. Now to do it! I do have a poem about fairies that I hope to illustrate this year. That might get me going.

      Lovely evening and beyond to you!


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