Feb 26, 2020

Watercolor Chart

I used 3 tubes of paint
one yellow
one red
one blue
all Daniel Smith

I taped down cheap washi tape from the dollar store
(use good tape! It kept peeling off)
the squares are about 3/4" with thin tape between

I labeled my colors along the top 
one side
next began mixing colors

then the color mixing began
painting in the squares

Above is the finished piece before I peeled the tape off.

It might have taken a couple of hours.

I find the amount of colors
144 amazingly beautiful 
thrilling to consider they came from three
primary colors!

Now I have a chart to choose colors from
as well
an idea as to how to make them again>

Thank you The Watercolour Academy for showing me how to go 
about this!

(Emma offers these lessons free!)


  1. It was a lot of work to make this diagram great to see these different colors. The last picture with the stripes also looks fascinating. The link does not work.
    I wish you a nice week
    Greetings Elke

    1. You are right, it did take time!
      I fixed the link. Lovely week to you too Elke.

  2. This looks beautiful. Happy Thursday.

  3. Ha Tammie,mooi zo als je laat zien
    hoe de kleuren te mengen
    en je favoriete kleuren te krijgen
    al die kleurtjes lijkt een schilderijtje.
    De link werkt niet.

    1. Thank you, it was a good exercise!

      I fixed the link, thank you for letting me know.

  4. WOW. I need to do this. I am SO bad at mixing paint. Terrible. And probably because I don't do it often enough, practice enough, yes, fail enough to learn. I'm going to visit the site but also bookmark your post and make this a priority for me. And don't you love the finished piece -- frameworthy in itself. (But then, I get geeked up about things like that!). I love Daniel Smith watercolors. They never disappoint.

    1. It is fun and interesting. Such a good learning tool. I wish you a lovely time making one.

  5. PS -- I went to the link in your post for Watercolor Academy but got the 404 Not Found error. Can you email me the direct link? Thanks!

  6. Oh this fine motor skills! A miracle, how the world is made from just a few 3 colours!....

  7. This looks like a work of art. I don't think I have the patience to do this but I'm glad you did.

    Have a lovely day.

    1. Yes, it was a bit of work, but I was in the mood.

  8. Outstanding - Such A Cool Perspective


    1. Thank you so much, a labor of love.

  9. This is a gorgeous color chart, Tammie. You have invested your time to bring up something useful and the labelling is the real deal. The washi tapes look stunning in pictures even though you told they kept peeling off. This is a thrilling attempt and I love the chart.

    1. Thank you for taking this to heart. The trick is using narrow tape, wide tape between rows does not look as nice.

  10. Beautiful colour chart, Tammie! It is so much work, I still haven't finished mine. You inspire me.


    1. Thank you Soma, I didn’t dare put it off for another day. I might not have finished it. Plus I had my basic colors mixed and didn’t want to start that again and maybe have them be different.
      It was a good meditation and thrilling outcome. I think to consider that so many colors or most colors come from just three. Reminds me of life and how we are all one. How within a snowflake, potentially we can experience all life.

      Lovely evening to you!

  11. This is pretty amazing, Tammie. I knew somethings about mixing but all these colours from three colours - not so much.
    Thanks for the link to the Watercolour Academy. I popped over just before writing this comment and almost got lost in all the marvellous advice.
    Your colour chart looks magnificent and so useful.

    1. Hi Sheila,

      Thank you for your messages.

      I am so glad I did the color chart and actually would like to do another with either 3 other colors, just different yellow red and blue. Or chose some other colors entirely.
      It is such a good learning tool, but also a nice outcome.

      I also feel like it is teaching me that all life can be found in one tree, one snowflake or 3 colors ;-) Something like that, which is rich and vast.

      So glad you enjoyed the link and info.

      Wishing you a lovely Sunday and beyond.

  12. It’s a lovely work. Kind of looked like color spectrum in a computer application. My Thursdays was spent at a music institute in Coimbatore. I do my music classes there. I will make an attempt at this water color chart in my my version. Will update you on the progress. Happy working.


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