Feb 1, 2020

Dreaming of Spring

this is what showed up while sketching
I wondered..... what is going on here

a snowshoe hare turn white in winter 
browns the rest of the year

a winter rabbit in a spring/summer setting?

I believe this hare is dreaming of spring

today we are half way through winter
the days are noticeably longer
the birds stay out and busy a bit longer in the day

Life is full of changes

this is how it was before I painted it
Lovely Imbolc to one and all



  1. So softly the rabbit is touching the mushroom - - - -

    The bird is coming to your hand because you make such drawings from a really honest heart!

    The light now is exactly one hour longer since 2nd February. This is an old rule of the natural people in the forest here.

    02 02 2020 you also can turn it around and have the same numbers! :)

    1. Always interesting to consider the light and the dark, as well as shadows.
      So interesting about the number Dori. My birthday this year is 02.20.2020. Similar but different.


  2. I love dreaming with you in this world of your drawings, spring is so close to us and still has to wait. Nice how familiar the bird moves in your hand!

    1. Hi Elkes, Thank you for dreaming with me.

  3. Isn't it amazing what shows up in out paintings?
    The scenery is so beautiful and I see you have little star flowers growing in your area. I must get some of these.
    Oh my goodness, to get the little bird on your hand! Too amazing.
    The birds have been singing loudly here for weeks, they are confused I think, or maybe they are just happy that Spring has arrived early (like the snowdrops).

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for your lovely message and for enjoying the star flowers.

      The birds are a sweet experience.

      It has been unseasonably warm here. Snow is melting, though the earth in my woods is still white, in town it is down to dirt and grass. No green yet. No flowers yet.

      Lovely day to you!

  4. A blessed Imbolc to you too Tammie. :) Your rabbit is definitely dreaming of spring, he's very sweet! And I love that photo of the bird eating from your hand!!! :)

  5. I think he's just a late bloomer and who cares his color? He's charming and enchanting. Or enchanted! I adore it all!

  6. Dreaming of Spring is a perfect title for your painting.
    The tallest mushroom is so kind to the winter rabbit.
    I am smilling to your little mushrooms and peeking moon too.

  7. Lovely bunny and the bird :)
    Beautiful painting!

  8. A Very Trusting Bird There - Quite The Reflection On You - Well Done


  9. Perhaps he's dreaming of spring and maybe something else. Or perhaps giving the mushrooms energy to grow. When I think of spring, I think of things growing or regrowing after long, cold days.

    Hope your day is lovely and bright.

  10. The Chestnut- backed Chickadee feeding from the hand is very special. Black-capped Chickadees do it here, so they seem to be confiding across species.

  11. Me ha gustado mucho tu blog, tus pinturas y fotografías son extraordinarias, tienes un nuevo seguidor desde España. Saludos.

  12. Such peace and calm, this is so beautiful! Happy Imbolc to you too dear friend.


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