Oct 17, 2016

Book of Magick

in considering his book of magick
it began to shine upon the entire world
magick is like that

it is always a dilemma 
leave it an ink drawing 
or color it



  1. I like your pictures coloured. Love his pointy shoes and that is a really red apple. The world could do with a little magic just now.

  2. Your ink-drawings are the perfect basis. The colours are the courage, emotion and confession.

  3. You are my art-feeling-present!

    Tammie, your artwork is always touching me and telling me something important of being - always with a happy smile and special victory!

  4. Ha Tammie,
    zo leuk de teken onderwerpen,mooi met inkt
    met of zonder kleuren, heel bijzonder!!
    zo mooi jou fantasie, ik mag dit graag zien.
    Lieve groet

    Ha Tammie,
    so much the character issues, beautiful ink
    with or without color, very special !!
    so beautiful you fancy, I should like to see this.
    with kind regards

  5. I love it when you color your drawings -- it adds that last bit of magic!

  6. Lovely painting! I always like to see your detailed expressions in the work.
    Have a god weekend,Tammie.

  7. A wonderful drawing, but I'm glad you painted it, the colours bring him alive.


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