Oct 10, 2016

Golden Cap Mushroom

I spent the weekend wandering through 
rain soaked forests
seeking out mushrooms
with the fabulous Fungal Jungal People.
learning, finding fungi, laughing
Larry Evans is such a wonderful teacher!

Someone found a mushroom I had never seen
the golden cap, which is in this drawing for

Woke up to home sweet home being cloaked in
Autumn snow!



  1. What a lovely drawing to remind you of your mushroom foraging, and it's a beautiful yellow mushroom.
    That's a great photograph of your home in the snow, everything so clean and fresh and the snow dusting on the trees.

    1. you are so right, doing a drawing of a new mushroom does help me to learn about and remember it.
      Yes, a dusting of snow is a lovely thing. It is mostly gone now.
      Thank you for your lovely message.

  2. My goodness Tammie....snow already!
    It looks beautiful but definitely a sign of the times.
    Was the mushroom edible?

    Happy Monday!

    1. Some people can eat it and find it delicious and others for some reason can not tolerate it.
      We did take a bite and spit it out, it was wonderful tasting. Thank you for your messages!

  3. The lady doesn't look too sure about it!

  4. wandering through rain soaked forests sounds wonderful.
    I love your magical homespace.


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