Oct 20, 2016

Sylvan Spirit

she wandered in the woods 
long enough
that the woods embraced her

the other day
i wandered among golden giants

autumn Tamaracks don gold
Western Larch


  1. beautiful.. thoughts, and artwork. her expression is so peaceful.
    the colour, and size, of those trees.. it must be amazing being surrounded by them.

  2. Wonderful creativity! It is so kind that you gave her the green eyebrow. I like it.

  3. Your woman with the tree-hair looks like a forest fairy, so beautifully painted, Tammie! Ah, the golden photo is absolutely fantastic, such colors conjure up only the nature! Ulrike

  4. I like how the trees on her head seems to be melting or perhaps becoming water, such a calm face.

    enjoy your day.

  5. She is utterly beautiful - I love her!
    Happy weekend!
    oxo Susi

  6. Beautifully named! So that's a tamarack? Always wondered what a tamarack was -- a street in our town is named that.

  7. Spectacular! Those golden trees have me in awe, there must have been magical whispers too as you walked through those beauties. Your lady with a forest head is also very striking and so authentic, full of Tammie Lee magic!

  8. I feel somehow like her! The yellow larches are fascinating and divine!

  9. Anonymous10/21/2016

    Me gustaría empezar a dibujar...
    Esto es precioso!
    Tammie, ¿cómo empiezo a dibujar?
    Usted me puede aconsejar


    I would like to start drawing ...
    This is beautiful!
    Tammie, how do I start drawing?
    You can advise me?

  10. Dear Tammie - Like the lady embraced by the woods in the picture, your hair and eyebrows would have gotten dyed gold while walking among the golden giants.


  11. I really like this. Really. The tree hair is wonderful. Great the way the trees look as if they are melting into her head. One of your best.


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