Oct 12, 2016

Restorative Pose

she rests
stretches and meditates 
with the help of her friend
just finished this ink drawing, felt good to make one
i had been feeling stuck
drew the rabbit and then thought…. now what
and this is what happened


for #inktober



  1. love this, its wonderful.
    i've felt a little stuck too with todays prompt, I found it easy following the prompts at first but feeling a little more restricted now. 'worried' had me stuck.. you've just reminded me about what helps when i worry. thank you for the inspiration.

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  3. I know exactly what you mean about feeling stuck. I've been stuck, almost motionless for a week. Good for you.

  4. Bonsoir chère Tammie,

    Une "Alice" du pays des merveilles des temps modernes ! Un partage intéressant pour la méditation...
    Très jolie esquisse.

    Gros bisous et un grand merci pour ton adorable commentaire.

  5. This is an adventurous drawing. I see it like the preparation for a good jump into an important task. Will I see some colour later? I think, when there is the coloured coat, this wonderful rabbit will be completely relaxed. Heartgreetings from a Bavarian-Forest-rabbit to a Michigan-rabbit!

  6. I am happy if i can stretch like her!Such a beauty!

  7. Such beautiful works and grace, there is a touch of magic and quiet beauty in all your pieces!
    This piece is so great and feels very restorative.


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