Oct 31, 2015

Wood Witch, Blessed Samhain and Happy Halloween to You!

the sylvan dwellers be charmed
a land where life thrives
all have the gift of living 
in the flow 
of life
 from the essence of where 
breath is born

all be kin
trees, critters, land, air and she
for the wood witch
thrives in harmony

this is the last day of inkTober
it has been a fun daily challenge for me
to breathe life into a new drawing a day

it might be time to pick up the paints and color

Wishing you all a lovely Samhain, Beltane


  1. Ha Tammie,
    beautiful in the atmosphere of Halloween.
    The witch and owl I like that
    daily drawing it's beautiful
    I would also like to do!
    I wish you weep happy helloween.
    dear greeting Christiene.

    Ha Tammie,
    prachtig in de sfeer van halloween,
    De heks en de uil daar hou ik van
    elke dag een tekening dat is mooi
    dat zou ik ook graag willen doen!
    ik wens je een happy halloween.
    lieve groet Christiene

  2. Oh, I really love this scene Tammie! The shape of the trees, the lines in the trees, all the different creatures... So much to see here. Would make a great colouring page too!

  3. Happy Halloween to you as well Tammie! This drawing is very beautiful! :)

  4. Soulful blessings to you, Tammie.

  5. The witch is looking after the animals and trees. Good to see the paint brush still appearing. You have done some great drawings and lovely words for this challenge

  6. Such a beautiful piece in your whimsical style Tammie!

  7. What lovely details you offered in this drawing, Tammie! I enjoyed how my eyes just wandered about and found tiny surprises in it. Especially the owl. :)

  8. really nice drawing :) lots of detail

  9. This is so charming, both the words and the drawing.
    I'm watching all the details coming up in this piece.
    Have a lovely November! :)

  10. I learned about inktober through you, and it was just what I needed to get me back to drawing daily. Thanks for that!

    Beautiful poem. My favorite line is "all have the gift of living in the flow of life." And your drawing is so graceful. I really get a sense of how every living creature is connected.

  11. Tammie, your sketches are all so lovely, this one is full of magic, such a beautiful land of magical creatures, you've had lots of fun! Your poem to go with it is so lovely too, there is always such magic here!

  12. I think is my favorite drawing of the month.

  13. Peaceful and friendly!

  14. Very lovely and enchanting drawing! You have a wonderful style!

  15. This is a tremendous drawing finale with so much to see, the friendly owl, the good Wood Witch (she looks like a good witch), the paintbrush broom, and the lovely creatures, I especially love the sweet bear smelling the flowers.

  16. Anonymous11/05/2015

    This is a beautiful picture. I love the details you put in it. It is so much fun to look at.

  17. What a lovely drawing... full of autumn!

  18. Tammie, I love this and all of your inktober drawings - they are just marvelous! I hope you had a lovely and blessed Samhain.

  19. I love where your art takes me every time I come. They soothe me and remind me to take stock of my blessings. Have a bountiful and wonderful Thanksgiving!


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